Lost Keys Can Cost You Up To 36 Kisses A Day!

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If you’re the forgetful type, losing your keys could be costing you up to 36 kisses every day.

And this doesn’t even include all the time you spend looking for your phone, wallet, or TV remote!

Kissing and looking for things we lost are two things we all do pretty often.

If you had to choose, would you rather kiss someone you love or look for your keys?

We spend between 1 to 10 minutes a day looking for lost things around our homes, with an average person searching for their things for around 6 minutes a day (source: IKEA survey).

A typical kiss lasts between 10 to 12 seconds but the number of kisses you give or get depends on your age, how long you have been in a relationship, and of course how comfortable you are with displaying your emotion in public.

Chipolo blog lost keys cost kisses Chipolo blog lost keys cost kisses

And we lose kisses every day!

Just think about your morning routine. You’re at the door, about to kiss your loved one before you leave when suddenly you can’t find your car keys (again).

Instead of a sweet, sweet kiss that would make you smile, you’re now both stressed and frantically looking for the missing car keys.

By the time you find your keys, you’ve lost about 6 minutes and a couple of bye-bye kisses.

Chipolo key finders Lost keys cost 36 kisses blog Chipolo key finders Lost keys cost 36 kisses blog

Morning, afternoon, or evening, moments together are precious, so don’t waste them looking for your keys!

Help each other find your keys, phones, and wallets with the special Chipolo Love BUNDLE.

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