Lost in the Maze of a Music Festival?

Music festivals are full of massive crowds and blissful chaos. You’re lost in the music when suddenly the beat drops and you realize your friends are nowhere to be seen. Shouting certainly isn’t an option over the pumping bass, and you can do nothing but hope you’ll reconnect soon. Sound familiar?

Use Chipolo’s Last Known Location and Community Search features to help you locate your friends and possessions. If you misplace an item that has a Chipolo tracker attached to it, check the Last Known Location feature in the Chipolo app to see the last spot the tracker was located. If you still can’t find your Chipolo, mark it as lost on the map and the app will notify you when another member of the Chipolo Community comes within range of the tracker.

Here are 3 ways Chipolo can help you from being lost at music festivals ever again:

  1. Finding Friends - Can’t see your friends from the mosh pit you ended up in? There’s no need to panic with Chipolo Plus. Attach a Chipolo to your friend’s backpack, and when you get separated, check the Last Known Location map in the Chipolo app. If you can’t find them for more than a few hours, mark the tracker as lost and you’ll be notified when another festival attendee with Chipolo comes into their range.

  2. Finding Camp - Before you head toward the stage, you and your gang set up your blue tent right next to your car. Unfortunately, your tent is in a sea of blue tents. The last thing you want after a long day listening to music is to not be able to find your home base. Before you take off, attach your Chipolo Plus to the tent. Then, when you find yourself lost within the camp area, you can check the Last Known Location map to lead you to your humble abode.
  3. Finding Valuables- After a weekend of dancing and camping, you don’t want to frantically search for your keys or wallet. If you’ve attached Chipolo Plus to those items, you’ll be flooded with relief when you’re trying to locate those important valuables as you leave your music festival bubble.

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