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How Chipolo saved Clive’s drone. Twice.

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Hello, My name is Bastiaan van den Berg, Technical Support Manager at Chipolo. I am always happy to share the stories we hear from Chipolo users. This time Clive told us how Chipolo helped him recover his drone!

Chipolo Phantom1Drone 225X300 Chipolo Phantom1Drone 225X300

“Well … it happened again … through inaccurate mapping – while on a mission, my drone crashed …

Luckily, you wonderful guys (and gals I am sure) sent me a replacement Chipolo Plus last month and I had it attached to my drone (see picture).

So, the first time I had to use it – after a couple of hours searching – I did find it. Then you sent me the new Chipolo replacement which is even louder.

On this occasion, the drone hit a tree that was on high ground, not noted on Google earth. While I was walking around the area the drone flew, I kept pressing the ring button in the app, but no luck. After 1.5 hours, I heard the familiar tone on my app and I knew I was close. Twenty minutes later I found my drone!

Thank you, thank you, thank you! Our birds are very personal to us and you have saved one of mine twice! I am retired and my hobby is everything to me!

Clive "

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