DIY Halloween Horror Experience – The Night I Almost Lost It

A horrifying experience that will have you feeling all the wrong feels! 

A game so easy, you can play it all year round and sometimes even when you don’t want to.

Happy Halloween

Halloween horror score: 4.5 /5

Difficulty: 3.5/5

Playtime: 10 min or Forever

Persons: 1 or Everyone you know

Ingredients: A familiar location, your wallet, you, family and friends (optional)

Happy Halloween

Make yourself comfortable and let your thoughts drift away. Then take your wallet out of your pocket a few times and each time place it in a different location. Make sure it’s never the same place or somewhere that makes sense. 

Repeat this as often as you like and get distracted by a few other interesting things at the same time. 

Here's a few suggestions on how to lose your focus: 

  • start texting
  • browse social media
  • call your mom
  • make a groceries list in your head
  • juggle several objects in your hands
  • run after a bus or taxi
  • play with your kids

To increase the difficulty level aks your kids to lose or hide your wallet and have the dog help them too. They will always find the most surprising place to put your stuff.

Now that your mind is drifting and preoccupied with other things and you’re no longer keeping track of your wallet, do some more activities you enjoy, just to make sure you really forget where you put your wallet.

Ask your family and friends to join in at any point to make it a group activity.

Part 1: Panic

Realize you don’t know where your wallet is and start panicking. Search your surroundings frantically and haphazardly, making an even bigger mess for you to clean up later.

Stop and take a breath and fill your head with useless thoughts that won’t help but will heighten the rush you feel even more. Panic, verge of tears, rapid heartbeat and fear are the responses you should be experiencing at this stage.

Part 2: The Search

Start searching. Make sure to really waste your time and look in the most obvious places you can already know your wallet isn't. Then double-check those same places. 

Next, look in the fridge, the sock drawer, your shoes, yesterday’s pants or jacket, your bag, the kids’ toys, the balcony.

Continue your search on all fours. Check under the table, in your bed, behind the couch, and then just generally crawl around looking in random places, hoping you’ll get lucky. Make a mental note to vacuum soon(ish).

Part 3: Feel Hopeless

Stop and let the hopelessness set in. For the full experience, start feeling sorry for yourself. Questions like: ‘Why me?’ or ‘How could I do this again?’ and general self-deprecating thoughts work too. 

Think about all the work you'll have if you never find your wallet. All those documents to replace, the credit cards you’ll need to cancel, the police report. Wallow in self-pity for a while and start searching again.

Part 4: Get Angry

Let anger wash over you. Both general anger and feeling angry at yourself are acceptable at this level. 

Remind yourself of all the other times you wasted searching for your wallet when you could be doing something fun instead. 

Throw some things around or stomp your feet and wave your hands. Use the anger as fuel for a second round of searching. Repeat part 2 of this game.

Game Over

This Halloween Horror Experience is over when you decide it is. 

It can last anywhere from 10 minutes (which is how much time people usually spend looking for their lost wallets) to forever (where you never find your lost wallet but regularly wonder where it ended up).

Cheat A Little:

If you want to make sure that the Halloween horror experience doesn’t last forever, and you want to find your wallet at the end, put a Chipolo Card in there and just ring your wallet with your phone to end this wallet-losing game.

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!

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