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Click-Click-Clicking my Chipolo

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I got the bus into town this morning, at 11.30am. I went to the museum with my friend and when we got there I realised I'd left my phone "at home" because the exhibition tickets were in my emails. Doh. The museum was able to find my booking so I didn't have to pay another £30, but it was a tricky business getting it sorted out.

When I got home at 4pm, I used my Chipolo keyring clicker to hunt the house for my phone. It wasn't to be found... In my daughter's pushchair? In the bathroom (beside the loo)? Under my pillow? Down the side of the sofa? Click-click. Nothing.Then I thought of logging on to the Chipolo website. "Phone last seen on Hammersmith Bridge Road at 11.36am". Bummer. It was when I was on the bus! I rang the bus company- nothing had been handed in...yet. I had a 50/50 chance of it going my way.

So I marked the phone as lost, and a refresh showed it at an address nearby. I sent a message with my home number. But it was on the move...another refresh and it was at another address. Refresh, refresh, refresh- It was still on the bus! I ran out to the bus stop and waited for the 209 bus to come. I jumped on, click-click-clicking my Chipolo. The bus driver hadn't seen it. I moved the old lady from the chair I'd sat in this morning. Not there.

But busses don't come one at a time. They come 3 at a time! Two more 209 busses were right behind this one. Which one should I ask next? I flagged down bus 209/2, but the driver wasn't a native English-speaker so it was a bit confusing. No phone. I was running out of time to catch bus 209/3, but the driver re-opened the doors for me to jump on. I was out of breath, and already talking when the driver asked me what make of phone it was...

This could be good! "Its a pink Sony, with a cracked screen". He had it! It had been handed in to him, he had put it in his backpack and was going to report it to the Lost & Found back at the depot. But no need for all of that, he gave it straight to me and I jumped off the bus so I didn't hold up the commuters any longer.I was relieved, overjoyed and exhilarated. Thank you Chipolo for saving me all sorts of hassle. Phew.

Evanna, London.

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