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It's always great to hear from Chipolo users, but we especially love to hear how Chipolo helped you out!

In this blog post, we gathered a few of our favorite Chipolo reviews from Chipolo users that made us smile and have reminded us why we do what we do.

As we said, we love hearing from our users. These key tracker reviews and 'Chipolo saved the day' stories from our users make all the work we put into bringing you our flagship Chipolo ONE item trackers, Chipolo CARD wallet trackers and Chipolo ONE Spot a real joy.

Thank you for all the amazing product reviews! :*

Below are just a few of the thousands of Chipolo reviews we get and if you are looking for something more specific like the Chipolo CARD reviews, Chipolo ONE Spot reviews or the Chipolo ONE reviews you can head onto their product pages here and read the item tracker reviews under each product individually. Or check them out on Amazon under the item reviews!

If you're always looking for your lost keys and need a solution the Chipolo key finder is just what you need!

Here are a few reviews from Chipolo users who think so:

It changed my life 🔑

I love my Chipolo ONE 😍

Wanted to give a testimonial about Chipolo. I left my keys at someone’s house and was able to share the tracker with them, because of the sharing feature my keys were found!

Bloody lost my keys again didn’t I? I’m poorly and exhausted. Just want my bed…then realised I had my Chipolo app on my phone! Thank god. The nicest sound to hear when you’re stressed and just want a duvet hug.

I absolutely splurged on a Chipolo because I lose my phone about three mornings a week

Thanks to Chipolo someone somewhere was reunited with their belongings today! I’ve only had my Chipolo ONE for about a week now and I’m loving it! Today I was thrilled to say I’d helped someone to find their belonging through the community search feature, feels great to be part of the team!

My mother in law bought all of us a Chipolo and I love it so much if I lose my keys I can locate them on my phone and if I lost my phone and have my keys on me I can locate my phone from my keys, it’s literally the shit lol

Ooooh it was so easy to install my Chipolo. Super tech! Now I’ll never lose my keys or phone again.

Thank you Chipolo yesterday was not a drill. Lost my keys inside a loud, busy restaurant. Freaked out for approximately 1 minute before I remembered the gods at Keyport sent me over a Chipolo and man, within about twenty minutes I was able to find them. #savedbychipolo

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