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Ready For Your Next Summer Adventure?

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City-hopping around Europe in the summer is the perfect way to get a taste of different cultures and cuisines without spending hours on planes in-between your destinations.

The essentials: Backpack, phone, sunscreen, a pair of underwear

Pack up your essentials and hit the road in search of new adventures.

The precious extra daylight in the summer gives you an opportunity to see a city’s sights in all their daylight glory and then discover the energy of it in the late hours of summer nights. The busy city centres are the best way to experience some great street food too!

Chipolo fruit edition travel finder lemon Chipolo fruit edition travel finder lemon

What's the best travel companion for your next summer adventure?

We think it's a smart key and phone finder.

How much time do you spend looking for your phone, keys and IDs around hotel rooms? And how many times do you ask your friends or family to help in on the search too?

You'll misplace and lose things on a good day at home, and travelling around, you'll move your things around even more, so chances of you losing something important get even higher.

Chipolo fruit edition travel finder watermelon Chipolo fruit edition travel finder watermelon

Add a splash of colour and make it look deliciously good

If your phone and phone cases come in wonderful bright colours, why not your smart tracker?

With Chipolo's Fruit edition, you'll add a splash of summer fun to your essentials and the delicious pop of colour will help you find your things no matter where you end up.

Who could miss a bright spot of colour in a sea of black and white?

Take the perfect selfie with Chipolo

Use Chipolo as a wireless selfie stick and take the perfect selfie without having to compromise how many people are in the photo or how much of your background you can include. Just open the selfie feature in the Chipolo app and double click your Chipolo.

Forget strange angles because your arm wasn’t long enough and say goodbye to feeling self-conscious whipping out a selfie stick every time you want to take a photo.

And here’s the best part – Chipolo can take a photo as long as it stays connected so you can play around with your photography skills from as far as 60m!

Glance at your phone's home screen and immediately know if your things are nearby

Your Chipolos can be set up as a home screen widget, so you’ll know if any of your things are missing just by unlocking your phone.

Chipolo keyfinder phone widget Chipolo keyfinder phone widget

And to double the finding power, simply share your Chipolos with your travel companions through the Chipolo app and they'll help you keep an eye on your things with no extra effort.

And the best part? The Chipolo Fruit edition finders all have a replaceable battery, so you can just put in a new battery next year and you'll be ready for your next adventure!

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