7 cheesy Valentine’s gift ideas with a twist! And you won’t have to leave home to do them.

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Looking for a quick idea for Valentine’s that won’t break the bank?

Here’s a list of our homemade thoughtful last-minute affordable gift ideas you won’t have to leave home to do.

And they’re custom-made, so they’re guaranteed to make your Valentine feel really special!

1. Breakfast in bed and their favorite magazine

It requires a lot less culinary skills than dinner and makes your Valentine feel like they’re in a 5-star hotel. Pair their favorite breakfast foods with a cup of quality coffee and take it to the next level with their guilty-pleasure magazine.

Who wouldn’t want a lazy day with breakfast served to them in bed and then some time to just lounge around leafing through a glossy magazine…

Cheesy Valentines gift ideas breakfast in bed Cheesy Valentines gift ideas breakfast in bed

2. A romantic scavenger hunt around the apartment

Surprise your Valentine with a short scavenger hunt through your apartment to make them work for their gift. Test their brain power and incorporate trivia from their favorite movie or use hints with funny memories that took place in each room you send them to.

3. A movie night at home

Go the extra mile with homemade popcorn or sweets. You can do a whole marathon of your Valentine’s favorite films or find some bloopers, outtakes, and behind-the-scenes videos that will make the movie feel brand new again.

P.S.: If they’re not into movies, it also works with board games.

Cheesy Valentines gift ideas movie night taryn elliott Cheesy Valentines gift ideas movie night taryn elliott

4. A homemade gift basket

Fill a box with their favorite things like comfort foods, or self-pampering cosmetic products, and let them indulge in peace after a long day at work.

5. A memory box or scrapbook

Fill a box with trinkets, photos, or other items representing special memories or inside jokes between you two.

If you have some extra time, you can also do this with a scrapbook where you can organize tickets from events or places you visited. Write some love notes in between and make your Valentine feel extra special.

6. A craft or DIY project for the both of you

If you’re both handy and like to get things done, plan an activity you can do together, like creating something to decorate your home or a project to make it feel cozier.

Cheesy Valentines gift ideas diy project blue bird Cheesy Valentines gift ideas diy project blue bird

7. A playlist

This one is the modern version of a classic Valentine’s gift – a homemade mixtape.

Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a curated set of romantic songs that remind you of your Valentine or a playlist of songs that hold a special meaning for you two.

If you’re a poet and you know it, you can write a song yourself and add a melody with the help of an AI music generator.

P.S.: This one is also great because you can surprise your partner even if you aren’t able to celebrate Valentine’s together.

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