5 Simple Organizing Tips To Make Your Day Easier!

At Chipolo we’re all about helping people find their missing and lost things, so we checked around the office and compiled a short list of hacks we use and can guarantee will help you too. Including the Chipolo, of course.

1. Do you have a few tasks waiting for you tomorrow?

Take a few minutes the evening before and make a short list of what needs to be done, either on paper, digitally, or in your head (just make sure you don't forget it by morning!). 

This will help you start the next day better prepared and you can go through the list when the opportunity presents itself. 

to do list for the next day

Just remember that even if you don't make it all the way through your list, you've still accomplished some tasks that you won't have to deal with the next day!

2. Take care of yourself, eat well and on time.

Plan your meals - you know your body and when you get hungry best. 

Take a few minutes on your way to work or during your first morning break and think about your schedule. Plan your meal and eat before you're completely hungry and running low on energy. 

lunch at work

How much time do you have available and when? What food places will you have near you at the time?

This will also give you an opportunity to find a healthier meal, instead of just running to the nearest fast food place.

3. Create an ‘Out the Door’ area in your home.

It can be an empty surface, a shelf or a bowl, just make sure to keep it clutter-free and only use it for items you always take with you when you go out the door. 

This way, your keys, your wallet, your phone, and any other things you need daily will always be in the same place and ready for you to grab them on your way out.

4. Take 5 minutes at the end of the day to clean up.

We’re not talking about a full cleanup of the entire apartment here. Just go through the place and put away anything you used during the day, but didn’t have time to put back in its place. Dirty dishes, dirty clothes, your gym bag or makeup can all be straightened in a few minutes.

clean up toys

The pre-coffee morning you will be so thankful when it finds everything in the right place again.

5. Get a Chipolo ;)

Don’t beat yourself up when you misplace something! Instead, work around the problem and use the Chipolo Bluetooth trackers to ring and find your keys, wallet, kindle, your child's toy or your phone. 

Ring it, find it and be out the door on time!

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