Out of Range Alerts – The Most Popular Chipolo Feature!

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Ever since our first Chipolo, our goal has been to make it easier for you to find your misplaced and lost belongings.

Every Chipolo we made has been a little bit better, a little bit louder, and has lasted a little bit longer.

Now it’s time for the next step.

Chipolo one find your keys range alerts 2 Chipolo one find your keys range alerts 2

We want to remind you about your keys and wallet before they’re even left behind.

Chipolo already has a handful of useful features to help you find your lost keys, wallet, bag, or phone quickly and easily.

You can use the sharing feature to double the key finding power, the widget to ring your keys straight from your home screen, or voice controls for when you can't find your keys or your phone.

And now, you can get an alert before you even need to look for your misplaced keys or wallet.

Chipolo Out of Range Alerts

In 2020, we introduced a new feature of the Chipolo item finders.

The Out of Range Alerts will notify you when you leave your keys or any other item behind before it’s too late for you to go back and get them.

Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification

When the notifications are enabled, the Chipolo app will alert you every time you get out of range of your Chipolos, to remind you to take them with you.

The notification you’ll get on your phone is a short ring coupled with a text notification from the Chipolo app. If your phone is on silent, the ring is replaced with vibrations.

Set up Out of Range Alerts for each Chipolo

The Out of Range Alerts can be turned on or off for each Chipolo individually in the Chipolo app.

This way you can get a reminder for your keys and wallet, but you can skip the reminders for your spare keys or your gym bag.

Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder

Users of the Chipolo ONE will have the alerts enabled by default, as soon as they connect their Chipolo to the Chipolo app.

If you already have a Chipolo CLASSIC, PLUS or CARD and would like to enable the Out of Range Alerts with those, you can do that in the Chipolo app, in the detail screen of each Chipolo.

It’s not possible to set up an exact distance for your alerts since the Chipolo is a Bluetooth tracker (you can only do that with a GPS tracker), but the alerts are triggered close enough for you to still go back and get your forgotten keys or wallet.

Chipolo ONE key finder for Android and iOS devices

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