The Best Features Of The New Chipolo ONE Key Finder

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Chipolo ONE is the new key finder that combines all the features of Chipolo Bluetooth trackers our users liked best. But that’s not all! Each feature has been improved to make the Chipolo ONE the best possible key finder.

Louder sound

The new key finder’s ring is louder than any Chipolo so far and can go up to 120 dB.

The melody is pre-set to the default Chipolo ring, but you can also change the ringtone to a different one that you think you could hear more easily.

Chipolo one loudest key finder Chipolo one loudest key finder

You can choose between 7 different ringtones in the Chipolo app and can set them up for each Chipolo individually.

Replaceable battery & a longer battery life

The battery on the Chipolo ONE is replaceable and will keep the Chipolo active for up to 2 years.

Chipolo one find lost keys replaceable battery Chipolo one find lost keys replaceable battery

The key tracker uses a standard CR2032 coin battery that is widely available for purchase online and you can also find it in most shops selling batteries.

The battery replacement process is quick and easy and can be done in just a few simple steps through the slits on the Chipolo’s sides.

Water resistant

Chipolo ONE is IPX5 water resistant and will withstand most rainy days and even a puddle or two. You can attach it to your everyday bag and stay worry-free if you ever get caught in the rain!

NEW! Out of Range Alerts

On top of all the improved Chipolo key finder features, we also added a new, super-useful Chipolo app feature.

The new Out of Range Alerts will remind you if you leave your keys or wallet behind with a handy phone notification.

Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification Chipolo one out of range Alerts key finder phone notification

The alerts can be set up for each Chipolo individually, so you don’t have to be alerted every time you leave your spare keys behind, but still know when something essential is missing.

Read more: Out of Range Alerts – A New Chipolo Feature!

No subscription

Every Chipolo feature, including the new Out of Range Alerts, is part of the free Chipolo app and is available without any additional costs or subscriptions. All you need is a Chipolo on your keys!

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