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Chipolo announces the rollout of new Point trackers, exclusively compatible with the new Google’s Find My Device

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2024 April 8, Slovenia

Chipolo’s collaboration with Google ensures that Android users can easily keep track of their everyday items.

Award-winning company Chipolo has announced that the much-awaited Chipolo ONE Point item trackers and the Chipolo CARD Point wallet finders, exclusively designed to work with the new Google’s Find My Device, will be available to users from May 27th onwards on, and from July onwards on Amazon and select retail stores.

After much anticipation, Chipolo is excited to roll out its Point Trackers, which are amongst the first finders in the market compatible with unwanted tracking alerts across both Android and iOS to help protect you from unwanted tracking.

Teaming up with Google, Chipolo is transforming the way Android users track their everyday items. By leveraging a new crowdsourced network of over a billion Android devices, users will be able to effortlessly locate their keys, wallets, luggage, and bags.

Standout capabilities of Chipolo’s new trackers that are compatible with the new Google’s Find My Device include:

Locate your everyday items: You can check the location of your items like keys, wallets, bags and see the distance in Google’s Find My Device app.

Ring to find nearby: You can easily locate your Chipolo finder by playing a sound if it is nearby.

Fast Pair: The adding of Chipolo to the Find My Device app is seamless. Simply press the button on Chipolo and a pop-up on your Android phone will guide you through the setup process.

Sharing: Share your Chipolo with your loved ones and track your shared items.

Thanks to the hardware features of Chipolo’s Point trackers, the finding experience with Google’s Find My Device is even better. Additional benefits and features include:

Loud Sound: With a 120dB (Chipolo ONE Point) and 105dB (Chipolo CARD Point) ring, finding misplaced items is easy, even if they are hiding in pockets or inside backpacks.

Long Battery Life: The ONE Point has a 1-year battery life and a replaceable battery, while CARD Point has an impressive 2-year battery life and renewal program available.

Water resistance: With an IPX5 rating, the trackers are splashproof against rain and drizzle.

Designed to fit: Chipolo ONE Point attaches directly to the keyring without any accessories, while Chipolo CARD Points’ thin design (0.90in/2,4 mm) fits perfectly to wallets.

Color: Off White

Primož Zelenšek, CEO and co-founder of Chipolo, said:

“Having started over ten years ago as a small business between friends, we are proud to continue growing steadily, maintaining our leading position in the market, as Chipolo joins the Find My Device network. Thanks to Google’s expansive Find My Device network and Chipolo’s expert item-tracking capabilities, we are excited to bring Android users an advanced finding experience.

“Find My Device is a truly unique experience for Android users thanks to our open ecosystem that gives people the freedom of choice and a crowdsourced network of over a billion devices to help find your lost everyday items and devices no matter where they are,” said Erik Kay, Vice President of Engineering at Google. “We are proud to work with partners to help make finding your belongings simple and seamless on Android.”

The new Chipolo ONE Point and the Chipolo CARD Point are available for pre-order here with shipment after May 27th.

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Editor’s notes:

High-resolution images, logos for the Chipolo ONE Point and Chipolo CARD Point can be found here.

For more information about Chipolo: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram

About Chipolo

Chipolo is recognized as one of the leading brands in the item finders market with almost 4 million products sold. With colorful item finders and a companion app, they are changing the way people look for their misplaced and lost items all over the world. Founded in 2013, the company grew from a group of friends into a multinational business and is known for transforming the latest technological innovations into simple-to-use products that change people’s everyday lives. Chipolo recently introduced two special product lines that enable their users to find not just misplaced belongings, but also track down missing items far away: Spot finders compatible with the Apple Find My network and Point finders compatible with Google’s Find My Device network.

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