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User story: Lost car keys while paragliding

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What do you think about when you paraglide? We bet it’s not your keys!

Even after 10 years of searching for lost keys, the Chipolo community can still surprise us with incredible stories of how Chipolo helped them find their keys.

This week’s top story comes from Italy, where a Chipolo user was enjoying some paragliding and lost his keys while he was in the air.

It took him a few minutes to locate the right area when he landed, but he wasn’t worried about the search because he had a Chipolo attached to his keys.

But his keys weren’t done with him yet! When he made them ring from his phone, he could hear the sound coming from above, not on the ground - his keys were caught in a nearby tree.

After some careful climbing, the keys were safe in his pocket again and the day’s adventures were finally over.

Chipolo paragliding story Chipolo paragliding story

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