Track and find your lost luggage with the Chipolo Spot

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Whether you're jetting off on an international adventure or simply going off for a short getaway, losing your luggage can turn any vacation into a frustrating ordeal before you even step out of the airport.

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The stress and inconvenience of missing bags can be overwhelming, not to mention costly, as you scramble to replace all your basic necessities in a foreign place and on short notice.

Enter Chipolo Spot – a smart little luggage tracker that can help you locate your bags wherever they may end up. All you have to do is connect it to the Apple Find My app on your iPhone.

Baggage lost forever? Not anymore!

Delayed luggage is a common headache, especially during summer travels.

With the Chipolo Spot Travel PACK, you can turn the nightmare around and find your missing luggage, passport, or wallet just by checking your iPhone.

How? With the Apple Find My network!

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The hundreds of millions of Apple users in the Apple Find My network can provide you with the exact location of your suitcase, ensuring you're reunited with your belongings as soon as possible.

All you have to do is add the Chipolo Spot luggage tracker to the Items tab in the Find My app and you’ll be able to see the location of your bags on a map. The map is even updated regularly by other iPhone users passing by your luggage.

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No more time wasted at baggage claim, no more frantic searches through airports. Whether you're on a business trip, a family vacation, or an exciting adventure, the Spot Travel PACK keeps your luggage, passport, and wallet safe and within reach.

Your lost luggage has been found

Did you know that the Find My app can alert you when your lost or delayed suitcase is located? You’ll be able to see its location on a map and even set up some contact details in the Find My app for the person who finds your things to reach out to you.

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You can rest easy knowing that you can always track your things, even across borders and continents!

Leave anything behind?

Bluetooth luggage tags like Chipolo Spot won’t just help you find lost bags; they’ll also remind you if you leave anything behind.

The Notify When Left Behind feature in the Find My app will trigger an alert on your phone, if you ever leave your passport or wallet behind.

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Gone are the days of stressing over your things at the airport; Chipolo Spot trackers ensure that you stay in control and can always check on your belongings directly from your phone.

Track and find your things effortlessly

Tracking tags are also great when you want to quickly check your luggage, passport & wallet.

If you just want to make sure they’re all still with you, open the app and check the Items list to see if all your Spot trackers are still connected to your iPhone. You can even play a sound to make them ring, so you’ll know exactly what pocket they’re hiding in!

Perfect for keeping an eye on your luggage during international travel

With international travel, the chances of losing your bags get even higher. Navigating through busy airports and unfamiliar destinations can increase the likelihood of misplaced luggage.

The Chipolo Spot is a small and lightweight Bluetooth tracker that you can easily pack into any bag without adding unnecessary weight.

The small round tracking tag is designed to fit discreetly into your suitcase, and it uses a standard coin battery that all airlines allow in their checked luggage.

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