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T Bone Productions VB amazon review chipolo key finder featured

Chipolo Finder Review: Will It Find A Frisbee In Dense Woods? YES...

This Chipolo is so light and small that my disk still flies perfectly well with this on the bottom. Turns out it made the disk fly a bit more straight lol.

Gift for forgetful people chipolo one finders featured

A Gift For People Who Lose Everything

Losing things is a problem that most of us face every day, but there are some people that take losing things to a whole new level.

Back to School kids lose stuff featured 1

How To Get Kids To Stop Losing Their Things

Kids do get better at keeping track of their things as they get older, but that doesn’t mean they won’t still lose stuff sometimes.

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Save Precious Minutes With Chipolo Key Finders

Is one of your daily routines going back to pick up things that you forgot to take with you? There’s a simple solution to the lost things problem - you just need a...

Adhd and losing your keys featured

Find Your Lost Keys • Simple Tips For People With ADHD

What thing did you lose today? Your keys, wallet, glasses, or maybe your phone? Losing something is not really a big deal and it happens to everyone at some point, but...

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Where To Look For Your Lost Car Keys

Car keys have the amazing ability to get lost no matter how much effort you put into keeping an eye on them. And if you share your car keys with your spouse or family,...