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Where, When And What We Lose The Most

Ever notice how you can never find your keys in the morning? Or your phone after dinner? Do you always find yourself searching for your TV remote over the weekend?

We are creatures of habit even when it comes to losing our things and the Chipolo team took a closer look at the ‘losers’ in the Chipolo community, to see if we could give you a heads up and help you pay extra attention when things get lost most often.

What countries are the biggest ‘losers’?

Sweden, Russia, Japan, Ireland, Norway.

These are the top 5 countries in the Chipolo community, where people most often look for their lost things.

The people in these countries used the Chipolo app on their phone mostly to find their lost keys, car keys, wallets, glasses, TV remotes, bags, toys, pets…

Which countries look for their lost phones the most?

When it comes to phones, the top ‘losers’ are mostly not the same ones that look for their keys.

USA, Finland, Norway, and Taiwan

These are the countries that most often look for misplaced phones in the Chipolo community.

What day of the week makes us most forgetful?


Friday seems to make us all forget about our belongings, it’s the day of the week that makes the most Chipolos ring. But don’t be fooled, Saturday and Sunday take 2nd and 3rd place, so keep a closer eye on your things throughout the whole weekend!

What time of the day do my belongings disappear the most?

10 pm to 12 am

The hours between 10 pm and midnight seem to hold a special ‘forgetting’ power that makes us misplace our things more than we do during the day. Our forgetfulness is probably linked to the fact that we let our guard down towards the end of the day while we unwind.

What things do Chipolo tracking tags look for most often?

Keys, car keys, wallets, bags, pets, toys and remotes.

No surprises here, the things Chipolo finders look for most are also the things we find at the top of almost every Lost & Found lists around the world.

So what is the key takeaway here?

Well, if you’re Norwegian, make sure to keep all your belongings in your pockets every Friday from 10 pm to midnight.

And if you want to keep your peace of mind all the other hours of your life too, get a Chipolo tracking tag. Not only will it make your misplaced keys and phone ring, it will also alert you if you ever leave without your belongings.