3 reasons to go with a Chipolo key finder

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Do you keep losing your keys and want it to stop? You need a key tracker!

Here’s why we think the Chipolo is the one you should go with.

The core features of all item finders are mostly the same (the ‘find keys’ being the main one) but there are also additional features that not all of them share.

Below we’ve listed 3 reasons why you should choose a Chipolo Bluetooth tracker as your next key finder.

Ring your misplaced phone

If you lose your keys, you probably lose your phone too.

Which is why Chipolo finders work both ways! If you double press any of the Chipolo finders that work with the Chipolo app (not the Find My app), you can make your phone ring, even if it’s on silent.

Chipolo tracking smart tag find my phone featured Chipolo tracking smart tag find my phone featured

How? Bluetooth key trackers use an app to connect to your phone and that app triggers a melody to play when you double press your Chipolo Bluetooth finder. The finding distance is limited to your phone’s Bluetooth signal range, but if you do ever lose your phone, you can still check the web app for info that can help you find it.

The ‘Find phone’ feature is not available with all Bluetooth trackers, so make sure to check for it before you buy.

Share feature

Do you share your car keys with others?

With enough time on your hands, you’ll eventually find the keys you yourself misplace. But what if the keys are lost by someone else in your family and they’re not there to help you find them?

These situations are the reason the ‘share’ feature is Chipolo’s second most popular feature (right after the Out-of-Range Alerts).

Chipolo key finder tag share function car keys Chipolo key finder tag share function car keys

It enables you to virtually share your key finder with other people in your home that also have a Chipolo app on their phone.

When one of you connects to the Chipolo on your missing keys, you’ll all be able to see when, where and who the missing car keys were last connected to.

It’s the quickest way to increase your finding power!

Low battery reminders

Chipolo doesn’t just remind you about your keys and wallet, it also reminds you when it’s about to run out of battery.

Finding your keys quickly is what the Chipolo is all about and a steady connection and a full battery are essential to keep it going.

Chipolo key finder smart tag low battery notification 2 Chipolo key finder smart tag low battery notification 2

That’s why the Chipolo app will send you an alert if your key tracker disconnects for a longer time or if it starts running out of battery.

You’ll even get some quick tips on how to easily get it working again!

Chipolo bluetooth key tracker red Chipolo bluetooth key tracker red

With the right Bluetooth tracker in your pocket, you’ll save precious minutes in the morning and stay stress free when things go missing. And we think the Chipolo is just what you’re looking for!

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