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Recycling a Chipolo Plus should be as easy as using one.

Our Chipolo Renewal program helps you easily upgrade
your Chipolos so you can always find what you care about.

How Chipolo Renewal program works?

We designed Chipolo Plus to run a full year with zero upkeep—no battery replacement or charging necessary. When it’s time for a new Chipolo, you can upgrade your Chipolo to the latest technology. We’ll even recycle your old Chipolos. People that choose to become a part of renewal program are receiving up to 50% off their new Chipolos.

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Are the batteries replaceable?

We designed Chipolo Plus to run a full year with zero upkeep - no battery replacement, no charging. Our goal is to promote:

PEACE OF MIND: We guarantee Chipolo Plus's battery for a full year so that you don't have to worry. Legacy trackers with replaceable batteries often die within a few months and are more prone to failure since they have moving parts. This decreases reliability when you need it most. We make sure you always have a reliable and working Chipolo Plus.

ECO-FRIENDLY OPTIONS: When you re-buy your Chipolo, your new Chipolo will come with a prepaid envelope so that you can send back the old ones for us to recycle.

SAFETY FIRST: You can trust that your Chipolo is water-resistant, durable, and safe around children and pets. By enclosing the battery within the Chipolo Plus, we've made it safe from electric shock and small parts or choking hazards.

How long does Chipolo Plus last?

Chipolo Plus is guaranteed to last for one year, and could even last longer. To always ensure Chipolo is always on and operational when you need it most, we recommend re-buy as soon as your Chipolo Plus hits 12 months. We'll send you a notification around 11 months so there will be plenty of time for your new and updated Chipolo to arrive.

How do I replace my Chipolo Plus?

Chipolo Plus is eligible to be renewed 11 months after you activated your first Chipolo Plus. We’ll send you a friendly reminder to re-buy and upgrade to our newest model of Chipolos. You’ll receive a pre-paid envelope if you choose to return your old Chipolo Pluses for recycling.

How many Chipolo Pluses can I purchase through renewal program?

The Chipolo renewal program was designed to act as a sustainable replacement system for the current Chipolo Pluses in your account. For example, if you have 4 active Chipolo Pluses in your account, you can renew up to 4 Chipolo Pluses at the discounted price. You'll have the option to choose between 1 or 4 pack. You’re only eligible to renew 1 time/year, so we encourage you to buy as many Chipolos as you think you’ll need at this great rate.

Will the price change?

As Chipolo continues to grow some adjustments in pricing may occur; however, we guarantee that by purchasing through Chipolo renewal program, our loyal customers will always get the best price available.

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