Where do I look for my lost things on student campus?

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Starting college feels like stepping into organized chaos.

You have to figure out completely new routines in unfamiliar surroundings, so it’s no surprise you can’t even keep track of familiar things like your keys, your IDs, or your bag.

Blog lost things on student campus 4 5 million lost items Blog lost things on student campus 4 5 million lost items

How to find your missing items on campus

The official lost & found on campus:

First, check the official university website for information on lost & found collection points. Some universities also enable students to submit an online lost property report that can help students reclaim their lost belongings faster.

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If you can’t check the university’s website, contact the main school office or administration and get the information about the central lost and found depository from them.

The campus security personnel can also be responsible for collecting and storing lost belongings found on campus, so it’s worth checking in with them as well.

Blog lost things on student campus what students lose Blog lost things on student campus what students lose

The unofficial lost & found on campus:

If you know where you lost your item, check the nearby academic buildings for unofficial lost & found boxes in the common areas or at the main desk.

Check Facebook groups dedicated to your university. People often post there when they find lost keys or wallets to make it easier for the owner to get in touch and collect their lost belongings.

If nothing turns up, call the nearby police station to see if something turns up there.

Be patient

If your lost keys, wallet or student ID don’t immediately turn up, don’t lose hope.

People can take some time to turn in lost keys, wallets, and other things, especially if it’s out of their way. Be persistent and check back after a few days or explore nearby campus buildings yourself. Some places will collect lost items, but only drop them off at the main lost & found area once in a while.

How to avoid losing your keys, wallet or student ID at university

Or at least, how to get them back as quickly as possible.

Label your things:

Put some contact information like your phone number on your belongings so people can get in touch with you when they find them. If you’re hesitant about sharing your personal info, just write your student ID number on there and the university can reach out to you when they get it.

This is especially important with valuable things like your laptop, headphones, or wallet.

Add an item tracker to your things:

Track your student ID, wallet, and keys with a pack of Bluetooth item finders you can connect to your iPhone. You can attach them to your keys or bag, slip them inside your wallet or next to your student ID, and make them ring from the Find My app on your iPhone.

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If you lose your things somewhere on campus but don’t know where you can check the map in the Find My app for their last known location or enable the Notify When Found feature to get a notification when another iPhone user gets close to your lost belonging.

Password protect or encrypt sensitive data:

Lock your phone, laptop, tablet, external hard drive, and even USB flash drives with biometrics or passwords. This will not only keep your information safe but will make it more likely for the finder to return your item since they can’t use it for themselves.

Report lost documents right away:

If you’ve lost your student ID, credit card, driver’s license, or ID, report it immediately to the appropriate organization or agency. For example, if you lose your student ID report that to the campus card operations or directly to the main office.

Blog lost things on student campus average student loses 2 items Blog lost things on student campus average student loses 2 items

Remember, patience and a proactive approach can go a long way in reuniting you with your belongings, and with these tips, you’ll be able to give yourself an A+ in staying organized while starting college!

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