The Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot at CES 2024

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A new year brings new chances. And a new Chipolo finder at CES 2024!

In 2024 we decided to embrace our imperfections and make the best of them. And we’re starting with the Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot – a wallet tracker made from plastic with superficial flaws that would have otherwise been discarded.

Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot wallet tracker for Apple Find My Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot wallet tracker for Apple Find My

Meet the Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot

This special edition CARD Spot isn't just about finding lost wallets; it's a personal reminder that imperfections are what make us extraordinary. Just like the limited-edition CARD Spot, each of us has quirks and flaws that contribute to our unique character.

What makes these CARD Spots special?

It’s not perfect on the outside, but the minor flaws it shows don’t stop it from finding your wallet just like any other CARD Spot would.

It’s also a great visual reminder that it’s ok to be perfectly imperfect, in case you ever forget it.

Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot wallet tracker for Apple Find My 2 Perfectly Imperfect CARD Spot wallet tracker for Apple Find My 2

And it’s made from plastic covers that would otherwise be discarded as plastic for recycling. Another small step towards our efforts for better sustainability!

Plus, for every one of these limited-edition CARD Spots we sell, we're donating $1 to one of three chosen non-profit organizations in support of their missions.

We couldn’t think of a better way to start a new year - a product with a positive message and a positive impact.

Meet us at CES 2024!

The Chipolo team will be at CES 2024 to show you the Perfectly Imperfect Chipolo CARD Spot first-hand and to chat about our own perfect imperfections at the Venetian Expo, Level 2, Halls A-D, Booth Number 54243.

See you there!

The Chipolo Team

Chipolo team CES 2024 Chipolo team CES 2024

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