Must-Have Tech to Send Your Kids Back to School with for a Stress-Free Year

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Summer has come and gone, which means the new school year is upon us! With kids heading back to the classroom and schedules filling up with after-school activities, that means new routines for the whole family.

From our own item tracker to a family planning app, we rounded up the must-have tech products and apps just in time for back-to-school season. Here are some seriously awesome finds you’ll need for a stress-free year at school:

1. Chipolo Plus – Whether it’s your grade schooler’s first day or you’re sending your teen off to college, they shouldn’t leave the house without a Chipolo attached to their most prized possessions! Attach the world’s loudest Bluetooth tracker to school necessities and if your grade schooler forgets their backpack on the playground or your newly independent college student has a hard time keeping track of their dorm keys, Chipolo Plus will make sure nothing gets left behind.

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2. Filip – You want to keep in touch with your child in grade school, but you don’t want to buy a new $600 phone only for them to leave it on the bus or break it at recess. Filip Wearable Phone gives you the ability to keep in contact with your child and control their communication. This watch-like tech allows up to five pre-set contacts for your child to make and receive phone calls from. As the parent, you can send one-way texts to send updates to your child and use a smart locator to ensure he or she is in a safe zone.

3. Picniic – For back-to-school, the must-have family assistant app Picniic is an all-in-one organizer with a recipe search, grocery list, to dos, family locator and more. It also has a brand new virtual assistant, Pia, which checks in with mom and dad to keep schedules updated even in the most hectic moments.

4. Puro Sound Labs headphones – These wireless headphones guarantee your child is listening to his or her favorite music at a safe volume. Puro Sound Labs headphones provide volume limiting ear protection, under 85 decibels, to protect your child from noise induced hearing loss. These headphones extend up to a 30 ft. Bluetooth wireless range and come in white, black, blue and purple, allowing you to customize to your child’s favorite color.

5. Mimobot flash drives – Your child is off learning new information each and every day, or at least we hope so. All this new material requires somewhere for projects and work to be stored. With models available from 4GB-64GB, Mimobot USB sticks provide a fun and colorful way to store all important pieces of work. Mimobot offers a variety of unique characters such as Superman, Batman, minions, Star Trek, My Little Pony and many more to make sure there is something for every student.

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