Mimosa recipe: A busy parent’s edition

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In honor of Back-To-School season, we prepared a special mimosa recipe for all the busy parents, who can never find any time for themselves.


- 1 after-school activity (soccer or basketball practice, ballet or guitar lesson)

- 1 adult friend

- 1 bar, café, or restaurant

Preparation time:

Up to one week

Chipolo busy parent mimosa recipe back to school blog 1 Chipolo busy parent mimosa recipe back to school blog 1


Like with most recipes, timing and the order of ingredients are crucial.

Step 1:

Call your friend up to a week early, to book their time on the day of your child’s activity. This is especially important if your adult friend is also a parent.

Step 2:

Find a cozy bar or restaurant, preferably with a nice terrace and brunch options to complement your mimosa.

Step 3:

On the day of the activity, make sure your child has everything they need to enjoy their activity. Last-minute trips back home or to the store will eat into your mimosa-time and make it less delicious.

Step 4:

Do you also have everything you need to enjoy your mimosa time while your child is at their lesson? Wallet? Keys? Phone?

You’re set! Get together with your friend, order your mimosa and enjoy some parent-alone time, while your child enjoys their activity.

Chipolo busy parent beer recipe back to school blog 2 Chipolo busy parent beer recipe back to school blog 2

Like most parents, this recipe is very flexible, so you can swap your mimosa for a beer or even something to eat!

Virgin options:

If you’re the designated driver for your child’s activity, swap your mimosa for an iced coffee or maybe an experience, like a short shopping trip just for you...

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