Choose the Chipolo that fits your needs!


Chipolo Plus.

The newest and loudest Chipolo, available in seven trendy colors, with discounted renewal options.

Water resistant

Up to IP5 standards.

Loud melody


12 months battery life

See renewal program

1-Pack: $24.99
4-Pack: $69.95 -30%
7-Pack: $114.99 -35%

Chipolo Classic.

An upgraded version of our popular previous model, for those who prefer a replaceable battery.

Replaceable Battery.

6 months battery life.

Loud melody


1-Pack: $24,99
4-Pack: $69,95 -30%
7-Pack: $114.99 -35%

Chipolo is easy to set up and even easier to use.

A simple device that connects your items to the Chipolo app
on your phone and helps you find them. Works on iPhones and Android phones.

Ring your keys, wallet, anything.

Attach, drop or stick Chipolo to the things you care about and make them ring when you get close. With 100 decibel melody they are easy to hear rooms away.

Let Chipolo find your phone.

Double press Chipolo to make your phone ring. Even if it’s on silent.

See where you last had it.

Check the map for the last place you had it.

Attach, stick or drop Chipolo to all the things you don't want to lose.