Attach. Ring. Find.

Everything you need to find, connected to one app.

ATTACH Chipolo to anything you don’t want to lose and connect it to the Chipolo app.

RING Chipolo from the app or double press it to ring your phone. Even if it’s on silent.


FIND your missing items. The app remembers when and where you last had them.

FIND YOUR LOST ITEMS by tapping the “Notify when found” button. When any Chipolo user comes near them, you will receive an updated location.


There’s nothing we couldn’t find if we all search together.

We believe in the power of finding together and we made it so easy for everyone to help. Each time someone taps the Notify when Found button in the Chipolo app, the whole community anonymously joins in on the search. Think about it - you’re lending a helping hand to the community just by having Chipolo app running on your phone.

There's more!

Two models, same purpose

The Chipolo Plus that is super loud or the Chipolo Classic that has a replaceable battery,
we have a Chipolo for everything. Choose the one that fits your needs.



Water resistant
Up to IP5 standards


12 months battery life
See renewal program

Chipolo Plus


Replaceable Battery
6 months battery life


Coin - Sized Design
Only 0.2 inches (5mm) thin

Chipolo Classic