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Meet Chipolo App.

The power of finding things
in the palm of your hands.

Ring your belongings.

Ring lost belongings from your phone. When your Chipolo tracking device is within the 200-feet Bluetooth range, it will play a loud tune until you find it.

Ring your phone

When you need to locate your phone, just double press any of your Chipolo tracking devices to make your lost phone ring – even if it's on silent.


See where you last had it.

Check the map for the last place you had it, so you know where you left it.

Activate Crowd-search Party

Expand your search using all Chipolo apps in our huge community. When you search for your Chipolo tracking device, you aren't just searching with your phone, but with everyone's phone running the app.

This feature is 100% private, so no one knows you're looking for a lost item but you.


Become a force for good.

Each Chipolo app user makes this world a better place with helping each other find lost items.
Every app updates the location of each Chipolo device it detects.
Download the Chipolo app today and become a force for good.

More to love about the Chipolo.

It works with both Android and Apple devices.

Easy to use app.

The app walks you through every step of activating your Chipolos and shows you how easy is to find your belongings.

Share Chipolo.

You can share your Chipolos with anyone who has the Chipolo app. It’s perfect for shared car keys, office keys, or bags.

Track all things that matters.

You can have up to 9 Chipolos connected with your phone.

Find the Chipolo that fits you.

The Chipolo Plus that is super loud or the Chipolo Classic that has a replaceable battery, we have a Chipolo for everything.



Water resistant
Up to IP5 standards


12 months battery life
See renewal program

Chipolo Plus


Replaceable Battery
6 months battery life


Coin - Sized Design
Only 0.2 inches (5mm) thin

Chipolo Classic