Reuse, resell, recycle... Just don't throw it away!

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They say every little bit helps, and we’re sticking to it and doing our best to minimize our waste.

The Chipolo may be the size of a coin, but it can still end up in the trash and we don’t want you throwing the Chipolo away any more than you do.

Which Chipolo to choose?

We made our finders as durable as possible, each one with the idea of reuse or recycle in mind.

Chipolo Classic, Chipolo ONE, and Chipolo ONE Spot all have replaceable coin batteries, which you can change in 3 simple steps.

But sometimes, we have to let things go. Technology has come a long way since our beginnings and some of our older models, like the 1st generation ‘Shake & Find’ Chipolos, are no longer compatible with the phones and apps in use today.

If you happen to find an old Chipolo lying around, try to connect it to the Chipolo app. If it lets you know it’s too old to connect, please take it to the nearest recycling point or send it back to us for recycling, the address is:

Chipolo d.o.o.

Gabrsko 12

1420 Trbovlje



But what about the Chipolo PLUS, Chipolo CARD, and Chipolo CARD Spot where the battery cannot be replaced? We’ll replace the whole Chipolo when the battery dies through the Chipolo renewal program!

Through the program, you can buy a new Chipolo with a replaceable battery at half the price and send your old one back to us in a return envelope for recycling, free of charge.

Why not regift or resell?

Think you’ll be able to remember where your stuff is on your own? We applaud your courage and suggest you regift or resell your Chipolo.

Any Chipolo connected to the Chipolo app or the Find My app can be removed and connected to a new Chipolo user.

All the new owner needs is a working battery, and they are one ring away from tracking their belongings with a Chipolo that already proved its worth.

Contact our Customer Support for extra help, they can easily guide you through the set-up process and explain how to use your Chipolo.

We’ll even welcome any Chipolo you send back to our company (working or not)! Our team never runs out of testing and development ideas for those.

Reuse, regift, resell or recycle, we’ve got you covered.

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