Chipolo Recycle & Renew Program

Chipolo’s Recycle & Renew program allows every Chipolo PLUS and CARD owner to replace their empty tracker with the latest Chipolo model at a 50% discount.

Along with your new Chipolo, you’ll also get a prepaid envelope so you can send your old Chipolo back to us for recycling, free of charge!

The 2 features of the Chipolo Recycle & Renew program are:

  • You can replace your old Chipolo with the latest Chipolo model at a 50% discount
  • You can send your old Chipolo back to us for recycling free of charge

How does the Recycle & Renew program work?

When the battery on your Chipolo PLUS or CARD gets low, a small green icon will display next to the Chipolo icon and a green notification will pop up at the top of the screen in the Chipolo app on your phone.

Don’t worry, the Chipolo app will take care of everything. The app will provide you with a link to the discounted Renewal shop where you can order the latest Chipolo in any color available.

Along with your new Chipolo, you’ll also receive a prepaid envelope with a return address, so you can send your old Chipolos back to us for recycling, free of charge.

How do I know if my Chipolo is eligible for the Recycle & Renew program?

The Recycle & Renew program is only available for the Chipolo models that don’t have a replaceable battery.

Chipolo PLUS

Chipolo CARD

If you’re not sure, check the Chipolo app on your phone.

On the screen where all your Chipolos are listed, you will see a small green icon next to the ones that are coming to the end of their battery life.

You can use the 50% discount for as many Chipolos as the Chipolo app says are eligible for the Renewal. 

For example, if the Chipolo app shows 2 of your Chipolos have a low battery, you can buy 2 new Chipolos with the 50% discount.

How do I recycle my old Chipolos?

When you receive your new Chipolos, the order will also include a prepaid envelope with our address on it. Just put your old key finder in the envelope and send it back to us for recycling.

Alternatively, you can drop your old Chipolo into a nearby E-waste recycling container or take it to your local E-waste collection center.

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