Get a Free Chipolo With The Chipolo Referral Program

Did you know you can get a free Chipolo key finder just by sharing your Chipolo referral link with your friends and family?

Even searching for your things is better with others!

3 stars = A free Chipolo key finder

All you need to do is share the unique referral link that you can find in your Chipolo app. As soon as one of your friends uses it to buy their very own Chipolo, you get a gold star!

When 3 of your friends shop with us, you collect 3 stars and get a free Chipolo. And you’re not only getting yourself a free new Chipolo, you’re also helping your friends save precious minutes every morning 😉

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How? It’s easy

✔️ Send out your unique referral link from the Chipolo app

✔️ Your friends use it to shops with us

✔️ You get a gold star

Get your friends and family a 20% discount on their Chipolo

Your unique referral link for a free Chipolo Bluetooth tracker doesn’t only get you a star – it gives whoever is buying the Chipolo a 20% discount too!

You can send the referral link directly to your friends, or you can use the power of social media and share it with your followers.

Chipolo key finder free chipolo referral program

How will I know if someone uses my link?

We’ll send you an email to let you know and you can also check how many starts you’ve collected in the Chipolo app on your phone.

Chipolo referral program invite friends

Is there a limit on how many free Chipolos I can get?

None. The more you give the more you get! As soon as you collect 3 stars and get your free Chipolo, you can start collecting new stars again for your next Chipolo finder.

Now, you just need to share the awesome Chipolo finding power!

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