Find your lost phone

Lost your phone again?

If you own a Chipolo key finder you can use it to make your missing phone ring, even if it's on silent.

When you misplace your phone nearby, you can use the Bluetooth connection it shares with the Chipolo Bluetooth tracker, to make it ring. Just double press your Chipolo and your missing phone will ring start ringing.

Is your phone lost and you can't make it ring with the Chipolo?

Chipolo can still help! In the Chipolo app, tap on Settings > Item settings and enable Show this device. When your phone gets lost, you can sign into the Chipolo web app using your computer and track your phone.

Find my phone with Chipolo Find my phone with Chipolo

Log in with the same account details you used in your Chipolo mobile app and check your phone's location on a map, make it ring, or set up a custom message to display on the phone's screen.

You can use the Chipolo web app even if you don't have a Chipolo key or wallet finder. You just need the Chipolo app on your phone and you'll be able to find your lost phone!

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