Find My Keys, Please!

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Very few things are as frustrating as trying to find your keys, wallet, and phone, over and over again.

Lost belongings are so common and time-consuming that people have developed numerous strategies and quick tips that rely on self-discipline and organizational skills.

But even better than that, we have come up with different gadgets to help you find your keys, wallet, and phone.

Tracker devices that help you find your wallet, keys, and phone

By far the most popular device is the key finder in the form of a key tag that attaches to your keys and helps you find your keys by ringing.

You can find a few different options just by typing ‘Find my keys’ into your browser and checking the different articles on the best key finder reviews by major tech outlets.

Find my keys Chipolo tracking tag phone app Find my keys Chipolo tracking tag phone app

Newer editions of these ‘Find my keys’ trackers are usually accompanied by a related phone app that enables you to make the key tag ring by tapping a button in the app.

Find my keys with 0 stress

If the below sounds familiar, you’re one of the many people who not only look for their things but their partner’s things all the time too.

‘Honey, have you seen my...’

Lost car keys are a definite winner, and many couples find themselves trying to find lost car keys at home because nobody remembers who used them last. This is where using a tracking device comes in especially handy.

Not only will key trackers help you find the car keys with a cell phone, you can also share the tracking tag with your loved ones’ phone, to make the search for your keys even easier.

The sharing feature comes in handy too if you can’t locate your keys. Instead of searching your home, you can ask the other person to check the tracking tag app on their phone and see if they are able to find them.

Help me find my iPhone!

Phones are one of the top items we tend to lose, so having something that can help you find your lost phone is a must.

Top tracking tags that are paired with a ‘find my keys’ app usually work both ways, so you can also use them to find an iPhone or Android device.

The tags can ring any phone model, as long as the phone’s operating system is compatible with the tracking app. No worries, if you’re not sure if about your phone, it will let you know if it will work when you download the finding app from the App Store or Google Play Store.

Places to look for lost keys

Since we usually carry them with us, finding lost keys is a little easier than finding other things we lose.

Here are our suggestions on where to look for lost keys first, when they go missing from your pocket:

Check your pockets

It’s an obvious one, but sometimes keys just end up in a different pocket. Check every pocket of the clothing you wore and the pockets of the bags you used. If you used a bag for your groceries, make sure to check that as well.

Check your car

When you’re distracted or in a hurry, you will usually put things down in the first available place, even if it doesn’t make any sense later. Check the back seat and the side compartments in your car before you go out looking for your keys needlessly.

Check with others

If you need help finding keys – say it!

Sometimes it’s not your fault, other people you live with can move your stuff, either to clean up, because they needed to use them or simply because they were in the way of something they were doing.

People who share car keys with their significant others know the feeling.

Find my keys tracking tags lost keys Find my keys tracking tags lost keys

How to find lost car keys is a little trickier.

Unlike house keys, we don’t just use them a couple of times a day, we use them every time we need to go somewhere. It’s easier to lose your car keys in a completely random place outside your personal zone.

The best approach here is habit training. Always put them in the same pocket, until you start doing it unconsciously.

If you do lose your car keys outside, retrace your steps as soon as you find them missing. Don’t just look around the places you were, actually go through the motions of what you were doing when you last remember having them with you. It will jog your memory and you may even stumble upon them in a place you otherwise wouldn’t check.

Where are my keys? And I also lost my phone!

There are ways even extra forgetful people can find their stuff, even if they lose more at the same time. Some tracking tags will help you track your keys and phone with an extra web app or by enabling you to share your trackers and your phone virtually with others.

When you can't find keys anywhere, any help from other people is welcome since they can offer a fresh perspective.

I lost my keys, what to do?

To find a key sounds simple enough, but it can turn into quite a lengthy and expensive process, especially if it means changing your home locks or ordering a new electronic car key.

Tracking tags that you attach to your keys offer a feature where you can mark the missing keys as lost in the phone app. This activates all the users of this specific tracking tag to anonymously join in on the search for your keys. If a user walks by and picks up on their location, you get a notification on your phone about it.

It’s up to you to decide if you want to wait for them to be found, or if you’d rather be on the safe side and change your locks immediately.

Changing the locks right away may be a good idea if you’re sure your keys were lost somewhere outside and could be traced back to you.

Which tracking tag will help me find my keys?

Start by asking yourself how you want to use the tracking tag to find keys:

- Will you be using it mostly at home or do you want the option to find your keys outside too?

- How important is it to have their current location available 24/7?

- Is the price or the design important?

- Are you willing to pay extra monthly fees for additional features?

Key finding tags use different power sources, different technologies, and their features, so we would suggest checking a few key finder reviews for a better picture of which one would suit you best.

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