Chipolo team's sun-soaked suggestions for your next holiday

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We couldn’t wait to pack a Chipolo Spot luggage tracker in our bags and hit the road this summer! We came back with 0 lost luggage stories, but full of getaway gems we couldn’t wait to share with you.

Here’s some of the things we think you must see if you ever find yourself in the Dominican Republic, Belgium, Croatia, Bosnia…

The Dominican Republic

Jure, sales manager

The Dominican Republic Jure The Dominican Republic Jure

Skip the typical all-inclusive resort scene and instead make your way to places like Las Terrenas and the Samaná Peninsula.

I'm talking about the real-deal Dominican experience here – the kind that stays with you long after you've left. It's not just the breathtaking beaches – though they're a major draw. It's also about soaking up that dance-y, vibrant Dominican vibe. You'll mingle with friendly locals, groove to their beats, and get a taste of the real culture.

Don't get me wrong, resorts have their perks, but if you want to truly feel the heartbeat of the country, ditch the resorts and go exploring.

Brussels, Belgium

Ajda, social media manager

Goupil le Fol Brussels Ajda Goupil le Fol Brussels Ajda

Goupil Le Fol is a bar in Brussels where not only beer is delicious but ambient and decor is really unique. Could spend hours looking at all the funky, crazy things inside. Great, small, quirky and very authentic bar! Loved it! Huge variety of Belgian beers.

Rabac, Croatia

Marko, web developer

Rabac is a hidden gem full of tiny beaches, but what we really loved was the bike park! Their website says it’s ‘the most beautiful bike park in Croatia’ and we have to agree. The trails are shaded so you can ride even on the hottest summer day and when you’re done, you can just ride down to the sea and jump in to cool off.

Oslo, Norway

Maša, graphic designer

Must see:

- Oslo opera house for architecture

- Top of Holmenkollen sky jump for amazing views

- Take a stroll along the Akerselva river

- Vigelands sculptures in Frogner park (most popular-the angry boy)

- Maybe try floating saunas if you're cold

Sziget festival, Budapest, Hungary

Vanessa, marketing assistant

Vanessa, marketing assistant

For me, Sziget was like stepping into a different realm. A realm that has many of your favorite musicians, things to experience, and a lot of people from all over the globe.

One day you can visit the circus, the next day you can be a part of a creative workshop, and even (and I still can't believe this happened) randomly meet one of your favorite bands in the crowd.

My tip? Just go—you won't regret it.

Oh, and also, bring comfortable shoes.

Bosnia & Montenegro

Aljoša, lead hardware developer

Our summer journey intentionally took us on a path away from the crowds, revealing the genuine beauty of Bosnia and Montenegro's hidden treasures. We embraced nature's essence, from the majestic Kravice Waterfall to the spirit of Livno's wild horses where time stopped for a moment.

Authentic encounters with locals from different national backgrounds and navigating the emerald green waters of the Tara River enriched each moment. Adding to our discoveries were the awe-inspiring views of Montenegro's Lovčen National Park and Durmitor.

The rugged landscapes and untouched panoramas brought wonder to our adventure. To escape vibrant Sarajevo we took the rough gravel road to the highest altitude village of Lukomir where we could enjoy peace and good food.

This less-traveled journey connected us with nature even more, reminding us of the joy in exploring the unseen. For fellow nature enthusiasts, the call of Bosnia is clear – seize the chance before commercialism alters its unspoiled landscapes, great cuisine and rich culture. On top of that all for a really low travel budget.

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