Travel tips for pleasant trips from the Chipolo team

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The Chipolo team couldn’t wait to hit the road this summer and our travels took us to so many different places...

And we decided to put our top travel tips into a quick blog, in case you ever find yourself there too...

Valencia, Spain

A top tip from Ajda, our social media manager

Valencia is a great place to see on a bicycle and we especially liked our rides to the beach. You can rent one almost anywhere and they’re super affordable.

Also, make sure not to miss Ciudad de las Artes y las Ciencias, it’s THE tourist destination in the city and it’s absolutely worth the visit.

Ajda Valencia Spain Ajda Valencia Spain

Primošten, Croatia

A top tip from Nika, our CMO

We rented a caravan right next to the beach. Of course, we took our Weber grill with us and set everything up in front of the caravan.

Although the camp is very safe, it’s still a bit unpleasant feeling to leave the grill outside, right next to the public path. Just for our peace of mind, we attached a Chipolo ONE Spot under the grill. It was not really in danger, but we didn’t worry that much because we knew we have a way to find it if it suddenly disappears overnight.

Nika Primosten Croatia Nika Primosten Croatia

Crete, Greece

A top tip from Marko, our developer

Crete has its own vibe, and you should definitely visit Knossos to help you feel it. There’s nothing like standing in the ruins of a 4000-year-old city to put things into perspective.

Another thing you should definitely visit is one of Crete's remote beaches. We went to see Balos beach and it’s spectacular. Just don’t do it on a full stomach, the whole island is pretty windy, so you can expect some good waves on the boat ride there.

Marko Crete Greece Marko Crete Greece

Stockholm, Sweden

A top tip from Masa, our designer

My top tip is to get one of those phone holders with a strap, so you can have your phone always there for some amazing photography.

There isn’t one particular thing I would point out, it’s just the whole city is incredible, so my advice would be to just wander around.

Masa Stockholm Sweden Masa Stockholm Sweden

Bradford, England

A top tip from Petra, our retail marketing manager

If you’re a book lover on a road trip around the UK, go visit the Waterstones bookshop in Bradford, West Yorkshire. It’s situated inside the historic and beautiful Victorian Gothic Wool Exchange building and is probably the most beautiful bookstore in the world.

Petra Bradford England Petra Bradford England

Another thing we’d all recommend?

Put a Chipolo Spot in your luggage!

It’s the one thing all our trips had in common and we all came home with 0 luggage lost 😎

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