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Favorite 'loser' pack

For the one who can never find their keys.

Put a smile on your forgetful friend’s face and help them find their keys with the perfect gift combo. The Chipolo will find their phone and remind them to take their keys, so you never have to hear the “Have you seen my…?” again. And the t-shirt will have them checking for the other stuff too!

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Chipolo ONE Bluetooth finder yellow attached to a cat
Chipolo ONE item finder white attached to a handbag
Chipolo ONE Yellow item finder attached to a backpack
Chipolo ONE Blue Bluetooth locator attached to a kids toy
Locating Chipolo ONE key finder on the map using phone app

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  • 1x Chipolo ONE + 1x T-shirt $45
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For the creatively organized one.

Let them know you love their messy with a special organic cotton T-shirt and Chipolo ONE combo.

Favorite 'loser' pack
from $45 Buy


your item with the Chipolo app or double click Chipolo to ring your phone.


your item to where you had it last via the Chipolo app.

Be Alerted

if you leave without your keys, wallet or other item.

Louder sound

120 dB for even easier finding.

Longer battery life

Up to 2 years of finding power.

Replaceable battery

Quick and easy to swap.

Water resistant

Survives water splashes.

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A gift for every *loser you know

*[ loo-zer ] - A person who keeps forgetting where they put their things (especially keys, wallet, phone).

A gift for every *loser you know

* A person who keeps forgetting where they put their things (especially keys, wallet, phone).

Your partner

Help them find their stuff and never ever hear a “Honey, have you seen my…?”


You and your friends are too old to keep playing hide and seek (with keys).


Your secret to becoming a favorite son, sister, uncle, niece, grandson…

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Out of range alerts image


Get a friendly notification from the Chipolo app when you leave your keys or any other item behind.


    Share the Chipolo with your loved ones and help each other find it.


    The entire Chipolo community can help you look for your lost item.


    Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.


    You can ring your Chipolo from your phone’s home screen.


    Choose from different ringtones to set how your Chipolo rings.


    Use Chipolo as a wireless shutter for your phone’s camera.


Chipolo BUNDLE

Keep an eye on your home keys, car keys and your wallet with the ideal mix of Chipolos.

Chipolo Bundle including Chipolo ONE 2 Pack Blue and Red + Chipolo CARD

$80 $59


Chipolo Bundle including Chipolo ONE 2 Pack Blue and Red + Chipolo CARD

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of Chipolo?

Chipolo works by connecting to the Bluetooth signal on your phone. Chipolo’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 200 ft (60 m) when there is a clear line of sight from your phone to the Chipolo.

How is this different from a GPS tracker?

If you want to see the location of an object or person (like your car, dog, child) at any time and also track his movement, you will need a GPS, but it will be far more expensive and you’ll have to charge the battery often.

If you need something that will help you find an item that is usually just misplaced somewhere around you (like keys, wallet, backpack or hiding cat), Bluetooth finder is the better choice, because it’s cheaper and you will have no hassle with the battery. Because of the limited range, you won’t be able to see the live location of your item if it’s far, but you will be able to see where you last had it, so you can go back and retrieve it. And with Out of Range Alerts, Chipolo will even remind you to take your items, so you don’t leave them behind in the first place.

Is my phone compatible with Chipolo?

Chipolo item finders are compatible with devices running iOS 13 and later, and devices running Android 7 and later. For Chipolo to work, the device must also be equipped with Bluetooth 4.

What battery does the Chipolo ONE use?

The key finder uses a coin-shaped battery model CR 2032 that you can find in most shops selling regular AA batteries. When the battery runs out, you can replace it yourself in a few simple steps.

Why should I choose Chipolo?

There are a lot of item finders on the market, but Chipolo is one of the few that offers a reliable product and a regularly updated app. It’s also the only one that offers all its features without additional subscription fees. You can choose from six vibrant colors that will complement your keys, bag, or backpack.

What is your return and refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Chipolos you can return your order for a full refund within 30 days of receiving your order. The order must be returned in good condition. If all these conditions are met, you will receive a full refund through your original payment method.

Chipolo reserves the right to decline a refund for orders that are returned past the 30-day return period and are not subject to our 2-year warranty.

Chipolo does not cover any return shipping fees.

Please see our FAQ section for additional information on the return address and instructions.