Chipolo ONE

For your keys

Perfect for finding your keys, bag, backpack in seconds. Use the Chipolo app to ring your misplaced item or double click on Chipolo to find your phone. Get a notification from the app if you leave your item behind.

  • ONE 4 Standard
  • One 1 black
  • One 2
  • One 3
  • One 4
  • One 5

Standard Mix

  • 1 Pack $25
  • 4 Pack POPULAR $100 $75
  • 6 Pack $150 $105

In stock

FREE SHIPPING for all orders over $50

Each Chipolo is individually packed

30 days money back guarantee

Be on time.

Ring your car keys from the app and start your day without unnecessary delays.

Peace of mind.

Skip the mini heart attacks and check where you last had your missing keys.

Forget forgetting.

Chipolo will remind you when you leave without your keys before your day gets messy.

Chipolo ONE - Perfect for finding your keys, bag, backpack in seconds.
from $25 Buy

Louder sound

120 dB for even easier finding.

Longer battery life

Up to 2 years of finding power.

Replaceable battery

Quick and easy to swap.

Water resistant

Survives water splashes.

Enjoy all Chipolo features for free!


Get a friendly notification from the Chipolo app when you leave your keys or any other item behind.


    Share the Chipolo with your loved ones and help each other find it.


    The entire Chipolo community can help you look for your lost item.


    Chipolo works with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and Siri.


    You can ring your Chipolo from your phone’s home screen.


    Choose from different ringtones to set how your Chipolo rings.


    Use Chipolo as a wireless shutter for your phone’s camera.

The story.

You know that one friend who’s always late because they can never find their things? We have one too and it all started because of him. Six friends, the founders of Chipolo got tired waiting and came up with a simple solution – an app that works with a chip. We added some colors and that’s how we came up with the name.

Chipolo = Chip + colors.

Great as a gift

We all have people in our lives that are always late because they can't find their keys. Or wallet. Phone maybe?

You just found a perfect gift for them!

Express shipping available

Each Chipolo is individually packed

Gift pouch available


Chipolo BUNDLE

Keep an eye on your home keys, car keys and your wallet with the ideal mix of Chipolos.

$80 $59


Frequently Asked Questions

What is the range of Chipolo?

Chipolo works by connecting to the Bluetooth signal on your phone. Chipolo’s Bluetooth range can extend up to 200 ft (60 m) when there is a clear line of sight from your phone to the Chipolo.

How is this different from a GPS tracker?

If you want to see the location of an object or person (like your car, dog, child) at any time and also track his movement, you will need a GPS, but it will be far more expensive and you’ll have to charge the battery often.

If you need something that will help you find an item that is usually just misplaced somewhere around you (like keys, wallet, backpack or hiding cat), Bluetooth finder is the better choice, because it’s cheaper and you will have no hassle with the battery. Because of the limited range, you won’t be able to see the live location of your item if it’s far, but you will be able to see where you last had it, so you can go back and retrieve it. And with Out of Range Alerts, Chipolo will even remind you to take your items, so you don’t leave them behind in the first place.

Is my phone compatible with Chipolo?

Chipolo item finders are compatible with devices running iOS 12 and later, and devices running Android 7 and later. For Chipolo to work, the device must also be equipped with Bluetooth 4.

What battery does the Chipolo ONE use?

The key finder uses a coin-shaped battery model CR 2032 that you can find in most shops selling regular AA batteries. When the battery runs out, you can replace it yourself in a few simple steps.

Why should I choose Chipolo?

There are a lot of item finders on the market, but Chipolo is one of the few that offers a reliable product and a regularly updated app. It’s also the only one that offers all its features without additional subscription fees. You can choose from six vibrant colors that will complement your keys, bag, or backpack.

What is your return and refund policy?

If you are not satisfied with your Chipolos you can return your order for a full refund within 30 days of receiving your order. The entire order must be returned in original packaging and in good condition. If all these conditions are met, you will receive a full refund through your original payment method.

Chipolo reserves the right to decline a refund for orders that are returned past the 30-day return period and are not subject to our 2-year warranty.

Chipolo does not cover any return shipping fees.

Please make sure that all return shipping fees are paid in full. Any order returned with additional shipping charges will not be accepted and will not be issues a refund.
Please see our FAQ section for additional information on the return address and instructions.


99 Reviews

  • Excellent

    Best thing ever

    8 months ago

  • On point

    Works better than I imagined, finding my keys or phone has never been so easy, awesome product!!

    8 months ago

  • So glad I finally decided to go ahead and buy this

    After the last two episodes of losing an hour trying to find my keyless ignition fob, I gave in bought one & so glad I did. Now, when my key finds itself in the most inconvenient crevice to slide & hide (handbag, under the sofa, once in the toe box of my sneaker!) - I can now find it in seconds.....& I have :-)

    8 months ago

  • Some necessary improvements

    Some times Iphone and Chipolo one loose contact between them. To find iPhone we need to find the "right" point of the Chipolo One and sometimes it's not easy. The Chipolo's bell sound should be louder to be effective.

    8 months ago

  • Fantastic device

    Works well for tracking my keys and the location of my phone.

    8 months ago

  • It is so nice on the Keychain

    I tend to misplace keys and my phone. This has been a godsend. I really haven't tried the selfie feature yet. But a test worked beautifully

    8 months ago

  • Perds pas la boule.

    Thanks Chipolo. It makes feel younger and think that I’am loosing my head.

    8 months ago

  • Just what I needed

    Works every time

    8 months ago

  • Good to remind me when I forget my keys

    Good: • Form factor and small size and pretty • App is easy to setup • I properly get notifications when I forget something behind (the reason I acquired a Chipolo in the first place) Could be better: • the app on iOS MUST be running in order to emit notifications. For example if I restart my device and forget to start the app, I won’t get the notifications. I suppose this is an iOS limitation and competitors have the same issue. Not so much a big deal because smartphones are not restarted often but this is the reason I removed one star. Didn’t test: • I didn’t lose a Chipolo so I was unable to test the global notification network.

    8 months ago

  • Love it!

    Love my Chipolo! You’ll never lose your keys or phone again!

    8 months ago

  • Does what it says

    Ticks all the boxes so far. Limited sounds played and volume could be slightly higher but happy overall

    8 months ago

  • Works well

    I like it. I use it for my keys. I’m debating on ordering a second one for my blind senior dog’s collar, but it’s kind of loud so i’m still on the fence about that. But so far i love it!!!

    8 months ago

  • Works well

    Quickly notifies me if I forget my bag somewhere. I'm satisfied.

    7 months ago

  • Works!!!

    I love this thing because it sends an alert to your phone if you walk too far away from your keys! I left my keys at a restaurant and it send me a text asking if I left my keys behind as soon as I pulled out of the parking lot!

    8 months ago

  • great

    love using it

    8 months ago

  • Always losing my things

    I wish I had a Chipolo for everything I own! The Chipolo is great. I "lose" my keys often and wind up frantically looking for them. Now all I have to do is open the app and click "Ring to Find". Then I follow the sound to my "lost" keys.

    8 months ago

  • Good

    It’s good know alzata where your wallet is

    8 months ago

  • I needed this!

    As a person who is constantly forgetting where I last placed my my phone l am so happy that I purchased my Chipolo. Now I can easily locate my phone. Love it!!!

    8 months ago

  • Just great

    It saved me from searching for many hours already

    8 months ago

  • Never lose your mind again!

    I love my Chipolo! And so do my granddaughters. I am forever forgetting where I left my phone. Now with 2 quick clicks it sings to me!

    8 months ago

  • Cant find a better tracker for pets

    I started using chipolo for my cat with the chipolo plus model from 2018, it was shockingly reliable as my cat dips it in water from his collar while drinking water on a regular basis, the battery lasted way more than a year and i finally upgraded to chipolo one with the renewal program which solves the issue of irreplaceable battery in the previous model and its also louder now. Im hoping chipolo would make a model with gps in the future with the same size of the device.

    8 months ago

  • Already helped!

    I rarely lose track of my phone, but sure did the other day. The Chipolo located it deep in the mechanics of my lift chair... just wish it could've got in after the phone.

    8 months ago

  • Perfect and beautifully designed

    Easy to set up, amazingly easy to use and looks really nice.

    8 months ago

  • G,reat

    Works.the way they said it would .easy hook up

    8 months ago

  • I need it

    I don't know how I could live without it, it saves my keys I think 20 times.

    8 months ago

  • Works as promised at the right price.

    It works as promised, so I'm very happy with it. Something to improve if possible: make the alert sound at a closer distance when I leave Chipolo behind (sometimes the app will alert me 200 yards/meters away). But maybe that's a bluetooth technical issue

    8 months ago

  • Pet Finder

    I love my Chipolo for my cats and dogs. My cats can get out and it helps me locate them. Even in the house they hide and I’m able to find them to ease my mind that they’re still in the house. I would just recommend having a spare on hand because if one goes out before you get your new one (it takes a little longer to receive a new one) it’s comforting to have one to put on the pet. Or whatever. Customer service is quite helpful. A little awkward at times when you have to prove things actually don’t work. They do help you restart it if possible

    9 months ago

  • Safe way to locate a wondering Alzheimer's patient.

    Work s well.

    8 months ago

  • My everyday helper

    Now I can be calm knowing that Chipolo ONE solves my everyday issues.

    8 months ago

  • I found the wallet!

    My husband looses his wallet daily. Now I find it quickly. The sound is not really loud enough, but it works.

    9 months ago

  • Love it!!! Great little device.

    Helps me find my keys or my phone. Let’s me know if I leave my keys anywhere. Have performed beautifully.

    8 months ago

  • tortoise

    I use it in order to be able to locate my tortoise in the garden.

    9 months ago

  • "A Day Saviour" (again and again)

    Exactly what I've been looking for, wish had found years ago. Makes life so much less stressful. Everyone has been on the way out the door and..... Can't find your keys. Well with Chipolo No worries. Just one push on your phone and you hear them.

    8 months ago

  • Works as expected

    Works as expected

    9 months ago

  • Great


    8 months ago

  • Works well - just as advertised

    I am using the tag for my keys and card for my wallet. If I leave to/from work without my keys or my wallet I get a message on my phone. It alarms when they are separated by about 100m. It works great!

    9 months ago

  • Finding my phone

    Haven't had to use it yet but I misplaced my phone recently and had a hard time finding it. This will be great to have.

    8 months ago

  • Big help

    I love that my keys will ring my phone even if it’s on do not disturb

    8 months ago

  • Finding My Keys

    It’s much easier now

    8 months ago

  • super!

    Molto utile!

    8 months ago

  • Great bit of Kit

    Easy to set up, easy to use, I would recommend this to those who frequently lose their keys or wallet

    8 months ago

  • Chipolo Finds What You Can’t

    After thinking about buying something that would help us to locate things we had misplaced, we decided to try out Chipolo. So I ordered four of these little gadgets thinking two sets of car keys and two cell phones. So what I found out after ordering the four was that I really only needed two. You see, the Chipolo chip when synced to the app on your phone will actually find your phone when you press it. When you can’t find your keys, you open the app on your phone and press from there. Your keys will start ringing. Really cool gadgets. Now I have two extra that I will use for Christmas presents. Set up was easy. Just download the app and follow the steps. If you are loosing your wallet constantly, there is a Chipolo card that would be perfect for you. It is like a credit card and would fit in a slot in your wallet. The round ones fit on your keychain like any key would. The colors are bright. They maybe need to expand colors for families that are bigger than four people so everyone can have their own color. Purples would be great, or pinks, various shades of blues. Hint to you Chipolo.

    8 months ago

  • Excellent tracking

    Amazing product. One in my wallet, one on my keys, one in my backpack. Im always on the go and the connectivity with my phone with notifications is just what I needed!

    8 months ago

  • So Easy

    Set up in a minute (really) Works great...only wish is that it was a little louder

    8 months ago

  • Very Happy

    Very loud, accurate GPS, hopefully I'll never lose my keys again!

    8 months ago

  • Chipolo Review

    Works as described so far. I Have “zero” complaints and have bought several for friends and family.

    9 months ago

  • Chip off the old block

    Long wait once ordered but was worth it. I’m going to get another chip😀

    9 months ago

  • so useful

    great key locator

    9 months ago

  • Best key finder


    9 months ago

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