How Chipolo Works

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Chipolo to anything you don’t
want to lose and connect it
to the Chipolo app.


Chipolo from the app or
double press it to ring your phone.
Even if it’s on silent.


Your missing items.
The app remembers when and where
you last had them.


Share your Chipolos

Do you share your car keys with your
loved ones? Just share your Chipolo
with their Chipolo account and
you'll both be able to track them.

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Find your lost items by tapping the “Mark as lost” button. When any Chipolo user comes near them, you will receive an updated location.

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Looking for your phone but there’s no Chipolos around? Simply log into the Chipolo website to check its location. Make it ring or send a message to its lock screen for anyone who finds it.

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Page How It Works Voicecontrol


Just say what lost item you’re looking for and make it ring or check its last location. Works with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

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Page How It Works Batterymaintainance


Chipolo Classic has a standard replaceable battery that you can replace yourself when it gets low. Chipolo Plus and Chipolo Card do not have a replaceable battery and are part of the discounted Recycle and Renew program.

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Use Siri Shortcuts To Ring Your Chipolo

Chipolo has a new feature! On iOS 12 you can now use Siri to find or ring your Chipolo handsfree. Just set the shortcut up like any other Siri Shortcut, through the iPhone's settings and ask your phone to ring your keys for you.
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Plus 1 Red Grande

Chipolo PLUS


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Card 1 Grande

Chipolo CARD

Thinnest - 2.15 mm

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Classic 1 Yellow Grande


Replaceable battery

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