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There’s been a lot going on since we last connected, here’s a few things we’re especially proud of:

Introducing the Chipolo ONE Spot & Chipolo CARD Spot

The key & wallet finders that work exclusively with Apple Find My

Both can play a sound to help you find your keys or wallet when they’re misplaced nearby and both can help you find your lost items with the Apple Find My network and the hundreds of millions of Apple devices that are part of it.

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Chipolo Bluetooth key finder 10 Chipolo Bluetooth key finder 10

The only key finder made from recycled plastic

We realized one of our biggest passion projects and created the Chipolo Ocean Edition - encased in plastic made from recycled fishing gear extracted from the ocean.

It has all the features of the regular Chipolo key finders and represents the next step in our efforts to make the Chipolo as environmentally conscious as possible.

And we weren't the only ones that loved it! This first edition of the Chipolo finders with recycled plastic already sold out and we're hard at work on the next version.

Chipolo ONE key finder with improved & new features


Chipolo ONE is now louder than ever, with a 120dB ring that you’ll have no problem hearing from under a pile of toys or from another room. You can even pick between 7 different ringtones and set up the one you can hear best!

Our of Range Alerts

The most popular Chipolo feature will alert you if you ever leave without your keys or wallet. Get a friendly notification on your phone and be reminded if you ever leave anything behind.

Chipolo out of range alerts key finder find keys 1 Chipolo out of range alerts key finder find keys 1

The replaceable battery that lasts 2 years

The Chipolo ONE runs on a standard coin battery that you can replace yourself in 3 easy steps when it runs out. We’ll even alert you when the battery is almost empty so you can keep your Chipolo running smoothly.

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