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Renew Your Chipolos!

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The early bird Chipolo Plus owners can now renew or buy a new Chipolo with a 50% discount! Since the battery on the Chipolo Plus and Chipolo Card cannot be replaced like with the Chipolo Classic, we created a Recycle & Renew program where you can buy a new Chipolo for half the price and recycle your old ones free of charge!

How does the Chipolo Renewal program work?

Don’t worry, the Chipolo app will take care of everything. When the battery on your Chipolo Plus or Chipolo Card gets low, the app on your phone will notify you that it's time to join the renewal program and provide you with a 50% discount code for your new Chipolos. Just place the order through the app and wait for the new Chipolos to arrive.

Along with your new Chipolo, you’ll also receive a prepaid envelope with a return address, so you can send your old Chipolos back for recycling!

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