How to Help Loved Ones to Stop Losing Their Things with Bluetooth Tracker

Seeing your loved ones stressed and frustrated because they lost their keys is never easy. You wish you could do something to help and make their life easier.

Misplaced and lost keys, phones, or wallets can cause a huge amount of worry, especially if you need these things immediately and cannot remember where they put them.

Does this scenario sound familiar?

You’ve got a dinner date with friends, but your significant other can’t find the car keys. You’ve both searched high and low and, even worse, you only have one set, because they’ve already lost the other car key. You eventually find them in a pocket of some random hoodie, but by then you’re unfashionably late and both stressed out.

How To Help Loved Ones 1 How To Help Loved Ones 1

Or maybe their problem is a perpetually lost phone? This can be even more of an inconvenience, especially when it’s on silent. And it’s always the both of you who end up searching for it. And don’t even get started on the TV remote.

Help your loved ones find lost keys and wallet

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just ring your car keys, your phone or your TV remote to find them?

Because you can, thanks to Bluetooth trackers! No more lost keys, wallets, bags, smartphones or TV remotes. Imagine being able to ring our lost things have them tell you their location within a few seconds.

Find my keys Chipolo tracking tag phone app Find my keys Chipolo tracking tag phone app

Choosing the right Bluetooth tracker

Before you rush out and buy the first Bluetooth tracker you find, think about what you want to use it for. Not all Bluetooth trackers are created equal, and you want to make sure your Bluetooth tracker has the features you need.

Here are some things to consider:

Do you like how it looks?

After all, you’ll be seeing it every time you use your keys or bag.

What do others say about it?

Reliability is one of the most important features of a Bluetooth tracker since you’ll be using it to find your misplaced or lost things. Look for good user reviews for both the finder and the mobile app it connects to.

Does it have any extra features?

Yes, Bluetooth key trackers can find your keys, but some can also find your phone, have a replaceable battery, different ringtones, out of range alerts, voice commands, and sharing features that can increase your finding power.

Look for a Bluetooth tracker that has at least a sharing feature, since it will enable you both to look for the lost keys individually. Next time, you can help your loved one locate their lost keys too!

Is there customer support?

Good customers support is critical with all electronic devices. Test the customer support and aftercare service by reaching out to the company with a question before your purchase.

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