Different Chipolo Bluetooth Trackers

Do you need a Bluetooth tracker, but don’t know which one to get? Here’s a quick breakdown of the different Chipolo models:

Chipolo Bluetooth trackers in general

All Chipolo Bluetooth trackers use the Bluetooth signal on your phone to stay connected to the Chipolo app.

Because of that, the Bluetooth on your phone must always be enabled and the Chipolo app must stay active in the background. If either the app or the Bluetooth signal is disabled, the Chipolo is no longer able to connect to your phone and provide accurate information on where your belongings were last seen.

All Chipolos also have a maximum range of 200 ft (60m), where they can stay connected to the Bluetooth signal on your phone.

The connection range will decrease depending on your surroundings, for example, when indoors, the walls will limit how far you can go and still stay connected.  

All Chipolo Bluetooth finders also have voice control in English available on Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa.

You can control Chipolo actions using your voice in combination with Google Assistant or Amazon Alexa. Voice Control allows you to simply ask your voice assistant about where your Chipolos or phone are and to ring them if needed. All handsfree: you can check up on your belongings without even having to check your phone.

Chipolo Classic

Chipolo Classic is the first Bluetooth tracker we made and it is still Chipolo’s most popular model, ever since its humble beginnings on Kickstarter in 2013. The Classic has had a few makeovers through the years, both hardware and software, to ensure it maintains the best possible user experience and quality. Because of its replaceable battery, it is perfect for everyday use as a key or car key finder.

The Classic has a replaceable battery that will last up to 9 months. The battery type is CR 2025 and it should be available in most shops for around 1-5 $.

Since it can be opened, to replace the battery, the Classic is not water-resistant.

The Classic will ring its melody at about 92 dB and is available in new vibrant colours.

Chipolo Plus

Chipolo Plus is the Classic's younger, water-resistant brother, which doesn’t have a replaceable battery. Because of its water resistance, it’s best suited for people with an active lifestyle and is also perfect as a pet tracker for cats and smaller indoor dogs.

Its battery will last up to 12 months and after that, the tracker needs to be replaced. Because of that, the Plus is included in our discounted Renew and Recycle program, where you can repurchase a new Chipolo of your choice at a 50% discount.

The Plus will ring its melody at about 100 dB and is available in new lively colours.

The Plus is water-resistant up to the IPX5 standard.

Chipolo CARD wallet tracker

Chipolo CARD is Chipolo’s newest and thinnest tracker. Because of its sleek design, it’s perfect for flat surfaces such as wallets, remotes, document pouches

The CARD wallet tracker also doesn’t have a replaceable battery and is included in the Chipolo Renew and Recycle program, where you can repurchase a new Chipolo of your choice at a 50% discount when the battery of your Card runs out.

The CARD will ring its melody at about 95 dB and is available in white colour.

The Chipolo CARD is water-resistant up to the IPX5 standard.

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