Chipolo Plus and Orbitkey - an All in One Combo for Any Pocket

For something that most people carry every day, the humble keychain has not changed since centuries ago. But, what if there's a better way to carry your keys?

Orbitkey started as a personal project for two individuals to eliminate jingling keys during exercise but quickly grew into something much bigger for this young Melbourne-based company. 

Like Chipolo, Orbitkey believed an everyday problem can be solved differently, and like Chipolo, Orbitkey too was met with approval and their two successful crowdfunding campaigns with 15,000 supporters further proved their solution was something people believed in. 

Now, Orbitkey is set on a mission to come up with more innovative solutions you can be proud to carry. And which one of their amazing keychains goes so perfectly with a Chipolo Plus, we just had to include it in the Chipolo Card Launch Giveaway?

The All Black Leather Orbitkey. Crafted using a unique mix of hand-crafted and highly precise automated processes, the black leather Orbitkey comes with black stitching and is complemented with sleek black hardware; embodying true elegance with beauty that develops over time.

So don’t miss out and join our Giveaway for a chance to win any urban dweller’s dream combo!

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Body length (A) 70 72 74 76 78
Chest Width (B) 49 52 55 58 61
Sleeve length (C) 21 22 23 23 24
Body lenght (A) 27,6 28,3 29,1 29,9 30,7
Chest Width (B) 19,3 20,5 21,7 22,8 24,0
Sleeve lenght (C) 8,3 8,7 9,1 9,1 9,4