Chipolo meets Secrid

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It's amazing to connect with a group of people who share the same ideas, goals, and values as you. It just feels right.

And when they’re also into bright colors, clean designs, and a commitment to locally manufactured products that last, that's just the icing on the cake!

The only thing left to do was to collaborate, so that’s what we did.

Chipolo team meets secrid team Chipolo team meets secrid team


Both Chipolo and Secrid originated in Europe, starting with passionate teams with big dreams and big hearts. After years of hard work, dedication and remaining true to ourselves, both teams have managed to build global companies. We love partnering with people and businesses we truly resonate with, and Secrid is definitely one of them, by putting users’ benefits over short-term gains and offering high quality, reliable and affordable products with smart designs.

Primož Zelenšek, CEO and co-founder of Chipolo


Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 1 Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 1

We paired the super slim Chipolo CARD Spot and Secrid’s wallets with the aim to keep everyone’s pocket-sized essentials safe, protected, and always easy to find.

The wallet finder fits perfectly in the pocket-friendly wallet and it feels like we planned it all along!

Chipolo find my wallet tracker secrid slim wallet yellow Chipolo find my wallet tracker secrid slim wallet yellow

What do you get out of it?

A decluttered pocket and peace of mind if your Secrid wallet ever goes missing.

The CARD Spot and Secrid wallet combo brings together the best of both worlds. You get an RFID-protected aluminum case tucked inside a slim leather wallet that keeps your credit card information safe and secure, and a wallet tracker that makes sure you can always find it if it ever goes missing.

Plus, it's smaller than a pack of tissues, so it easily fits in your pockets or your bag.

A simple & smart design concept

The central feature of the Secrid wallet is the RFID-protected aluminum case that can hold up to 6 cards, but the real magic happens when you use the button-sized lever at the bottom end of the case.

With a flick of your finger, you can cascade the cards out of the case and even do contactless payments without taking your card out of the wallet!

Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 2 Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 2

P.S.: The tiny credit card lever is great for fidgeting too.

The aluminum case is wrapped in a slim leather sheath with a couple of extra pockets. And that’s where the Chipolo CARD Spot comes slides in!

Just like Secrid wallets make sure there’s no extra bulk in your pockets, the Chipolo CARD Spot wallet tracker makes sure there’s no unnecessary apps on your iPhone.

The Bluetooth wallet finder is credit-card shaped and only a little thicker, which means you can slide it right into one of the leather sheath pockets of your Secrid miniwallet.

But before you do, make sure to connect it to the Find My app on your iPhone. That way, if your wallet ever goes missing, you'll be able to track it down in no time!

Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 3 Chipolo wallet tracker meets Secrid slim wallet 3

But that’s not all there is. The Find My app has a few more features that will help you keep your peace of mind even on the most stressful days.

✔️ The Left Behind notifications make sure you never leave without your wallet.

✔️ The Notify When Found feature will ask other iPhone users to help you look for your wallet if it ever does get lost.

With a few million detectives on the case, your Secrid slimwallet will be found again in no time!

Chipolo find my wallet tracker secrid slim wallet red Chipolo find my wallet tracker secrid slim wallet red

What we do, we do with joy

For Chipolo, meeting another team that shares our enthusiasm was a real treat and we couldn’t be happier that it was the Secrid wallet that the CARD Spot fits into so perfectly!

We hope our enthusiasm translates into fun and useful products that bring a little more joy and color to your everyday life.

Thank you Secrid team for having us, see you in Slovenia next time!

The revolutionary Chipolo CARD Spot wallet finder, which works exclusively with the Apple Find My network, is also available for purchase directly from the Secrid website, together with the wallet of your choice.

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