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A lost Chipolo that found its way back to us

Last week, a good Samaritan contacted us on Facebook about a cluster of keys with a Chipolo that he found on a nearby hill. Since our offices are nearby, he then brought the keys directly to us.

He said he’d been searching for the owner over social media and the radio but had had no luck so far. The keys were in bad shape, so he decided to wash them and soak them in WD-40 before he brought them over.

The Chipolo’s battery had been drained, but he was wondering if there was anything we could do?

The lost keys

The Chipolo hardware team gladly accepted the challenge and carefully took the Chipolo Plus apart, then replaced the drained battery with a new one. Despite all the abuse, the Chipolo came back to life!

Then it was up to our customer support team to see if they could find the original owner. Primoz Kaluza, our head of customer support checked the Chipolo’s ID and couldn’t believe what he was seeing.

He’d bought this exact Chipolo himself for a forgetful family friend a little over a year ago!

Primoz with the Chipolo that found it's way back to him

After a quick phone call, we found that the owner lost his keys in the woods and that they had been lost for almost a year. The owner already replaced all the keys he could but confessed he hadn’t been in his cellar for over a year since that key he’d lost had been the only one.

Not a typical Chipolo lost & found story, but with a little patience and some detective work, the Chipolo still came through!

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