Lose yourself, not your things.

Travel Bundle 1500 15002
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Chipolo Spot BUNDLE

A carefree trip from start to finish.

How often do you check on your wallet, passport or worry about your luggage making it onto the plane? Travel with peace of mind and let the Spot Travel PACK keep an eye on your wallet, passport and luggage. Works exclusively with the Apple Find My app.

Travel Bundle 1500 15002
Blue Baggage
Passport Pouch
Red wallet
Wallet Taxi
Yellow Bagage
15 %
15 %
Works with Apple Find My logo

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Chipolo Spot BUNDLE - 2x CARD Spot 1x ONE Spot
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Play sound

Sometimes things just hide nearby. With a very loud sound you can find them in no time.


your items on a map, using the power of the vast Apple Find My network.

Be notified

Receive a notification when you accidentally leave your item behind or when Find My network locates your missing item.

Chipolo ONE Spot

Keyring hole

Attaches directly to keyring

Easy to hear

Up to 120dB

Replaceable battery

Lasts up to 1 year

Water resistant

IPX5 rated

Chipolo CARD Spot

As thin as it gets

2,4 mm (0,09 inch)

Easy to hear

Up to 105dB

Long battery life

Lasts up to 2 years
Renew & Recycle program

Water resistant

IPX5 rated

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Apple Find My network?

Apple Find My network is a crowdsourced network of hundreds of millions of Apple devices that use secure Bluetooth technology to detect your missing items nearby and report their approximate location back to you, so you can find them. The entire interaction is end-to-end encrypted, anonymous, and is extremely data and battery-efficient.

How secure is the Apple Find My network?

The unique Bluetooth identifiers used to locate a device on the Find My network rotate frequently so users can’t be tracked from place to place and the Apple Find My network uses advanced encryption to ensure that no one else, not even Apple or Chipolo, can view the location of your Chipolo ONE Spot.

How does the Spot Travel PACK work?

Chipolo Spot finders use Bluetooth to pair to the Find My app on your iPhone. Once connected you can make your Spot finder play a sound when it’s nearby or check its last known location when it’s further away. The Find My app also offers extra features like Notify when left behind and Lost mode, where you can ask the entire Apple Find My network to help you find your lost things.

Does the Spot Travel PACK also work with Android phones?

No. All Chipolo Spot finders work exclusively with the Apple Find My app on iPhones, iPads, iPod touch, and Mac. The latest version of iOS, iPadOS or macOS is recommended.

How does the Spot Travel PACK help me find my lost luggage?

When you pair the Chipolo Spot finders with the Find My app on your iOS device, you can use the extra features within the Find My app to help you find your lost luggage. You can check its last known location on a map or enable the Lost Mode feature that will notify you when the location of your luggage is updated by another Apple device. Add your email address or phone number when you enable Lost Mode and the finder can contact you directly.

Can someone track me with the Spot Travel PACK?

If your iPhone detects that an unknown Chipolo Spot is traveling with you, it will send you a notification. After a while it will start playing a sound so you will be able to find it. These alerts are only triggered when a Chipolo Spot is not connected to its owner's phone, so your partner's Chipolo Spot will not trigger a sound if they are with you.

Can I bring the Chipolo Spot on a plane?

Yes. The batteries in all Chipolo trackers comply with regulations for both carry-on and checked luggage.

The round Chipolo ONE Spot uses the standard coin-shaped lithium CR3032 battery (3V) and the card-shaped Chipolo CARD Spot uses a custom, non-replaceable lithium battery (3V).