You Will Probably Lose Something This Saturday at 6PM!

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Lost wallet, keys or even a phone is probably on of the most common issue that we encounter in our lives. We all know how frustrating this is. It usually happens when you least expect and in some rare situation that causes you, even more, problems than if it would happen on your usual day.

Saturday's Afternoons in December are the worst!

It has been proven that stress fatigue and multitasking exacerbate our propensity to misplace or lose items. And if you think about it, it's actually quite logical. When you are finishing your last task at work, and you know that you only have 5 minutes left to catch a ride home, you answer your last call, grab all your stuff and run. Then you get home and you figure out that your house keys are missing. Not that surprising, that you totally forgot that you put them in your office drawer because you didn't want to accidently drop them when you went on a lunch break. According to statistical research, the peak time for losing things is on Saturdays at 6 PM. It seems like the transition from daytime activities to evening activities seems to create a perfect environment for loss. December seems to be the most dangerous month for losing things, next to July. Statistical data predicts that the highest chance of you losing something is at 6PM on Saturdays in December. So, beware of the upcoming Saturdays!

The Bermuda Triangles of Lost Things

In the U.S., New York, Chicago and Atlanta from the Bermuda Triangle of the U.S. with more items lost here, per capita, than other parts of the country. Aberdeen, Birmingham, and London form the Bermuda Triangle of the UK with more items lost here, per capita, than other parts of the country.What’s also interesting is that almost 20% of items are lost on a public transport.

A Bluetooth Tracker will save your day!

If you miss an item, the best thing you could do in the past is trying to remember when you last had it then think about what you did after that. In the age of Bluetooth Trackers, this is much easier, because the app on your phone will do the hard work for you. So, if you’re missing your keys, just open the app and see where you last had them. If you’ll see your office address, you can relax because you’ll know that they are safe. If you still won’t find them when returning to the office, you will be able to locate them by sound and save a lot of precious time and nerves you’d otherwise spend turning your office upside down. And if it’s the phone you can’t find – you can use the tracker to ring your phone even if it’s on silent. In case your phone is not near, you can just use the online tracker’s app and see the exact location of your phone. Bluetooth Trackers are very recent inventions that will improve the quality of your everyday life. They are much cheaper than GPS trackers and the only downside is that they have a limited range of 200 feet (60 m). But that’s totally enough to keep track of your items like keys, wallet, and phone which are usually just misplaced somewhere near.

How To Avoid December Loss How To Avoid December Loss

How to choose a Bluetooth Tracker?

If you're considering a Bluetooth Tracker, there are a few things to look for:

Reliability. There are numerous Bluetooth Trackers, but not all of them are good at their job. Bluetooth connectivity can get tricky and the manufacturers need to invest a lot of effort to build a reliable app that does its job. Before you decide, it's best to check the reviews, comments on Facebook and also on Google Play Store and App Store.

Loudness. Considering the fact that most of the misplaced object are usually lying around covered up, you will need a tracker that has a very loud tune when you ring it from the app. If it's not loud enough, it won't help you much. Before you decide, check the specs about loudness on manufacturer's websites.

Battery life. Some trackers have unreplaceable batteries, which means you need to buy a new one (usually on highly discounted price) after it runs out (usually 1 year). Some trackers have replaceable batteries and you can change it yourself.

Water-resistance. If this is important for your usage, pay attention if the tracker is water resistant or not. Usually, replaceable battery and water-resistance don't go hand in hand and you'll have to decide what is more important to you.

Support. Good customer support can say much about the company and the product itself. Check how easy it is for you to get support from the company and how much effort they invest in the satisfaction of their customers. This usually means that they have live chat on their page, they reply to comments on Facebook and answer Tweets.

Chipolo – One of the first Bluetooth Trackers on the market

Chipolo Bluetooth Tracker is actually one of the first two trackers that were available in the market. The Chipolo company introduced the Bluetooth Tracker back in 2013 and sold over 1 million Trackers per year. In October 2016, Chipolo launched a new, improved version od their tracker, it's called Chipolo Plus. It's the loudest Bluetooth Tracker on the market, it is water-resistant and available in 7 trendy colors. The battery lasts 1 year and after it runs out, they offer a 50% discount on your renewal. They are aware of the fact that replaceable battery is more important to some customers, so they decided to offer their Classic model, too. It has a replaceable battery but is not water resistant and it comes only in black and white color. You can get Chipolo Plus or Chipolo Classic for $24.99. If you buy bundles of them, you can get it from $16.59 per unit. Which is a pretty good deal, especially during the gifting season!

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