Starting College: Tips on How To Stay Organized

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Back-to-school season is just around the corner and sales for supplies, clothes and uniforms, dorm furniture and more are popping up everywhere. School supplies to help you stay organized are important and getting everything ready in time is a good first step but staying organized in school when classes begin is what you should really be working on.

A little planning can go a long way and you don’t have to be Marie Kondo to stay organized in college, all you need is a few helpful tips:

Get a planner

Electronic or paper, it doesn’t matter, but make sure you only have one and that you use that one for everything. Keeping multiple planners is a good way to have something slip by unnoticed.

Calendar close up daily planner 1898291 Calendar close up daily planner 1898291

Stick to a to-do list

Create a basic to-do list when you start your school year and add to it as you go along.

Don’t overdo your daily tasks in the beginning and make sure to leave some free time every day for unexpected assignments and activities.

Keep your class schedule visible

College life isn’t just about classes and with all the extracurricular activities it’s easy to lose track.

There’s nothing like a visual reminder to help you jog your memory, so make sure to put your schedule somewhere above your desk or bed, where you’ll be able to see it every day.

Timetable 3665089 1920 Timetable 3665089 1920

Organize your college syllabus

Your syllabus will help you keep track of relevant contact information, essential readings, assignments, exams and quizzes, so it’s important to keep it close and check it regularly.

Being organized in college will reduce your stress levels, which in turn will benefit your health and well-being during exam times.

A folder with all the documents you’ll get at the beginning of a semester is a good start, but as a backup, also take pictures of every syllabus and create a designated folder in your photos app so you can check it any time you need.

Plan ahead and add specific tasks to your calendar at the beginning of the semester to make sure all your readings and assignments are done on time.

Take notes

And then keep your notes organized.

Every class you attend will have numerous lectures and presentations, so take notes to keep it all straight and to help you remember when exam time comes around. Organize classes by colour-coding them or use college organization supplies that you can find in almost any store.

Taking notes by hand is preferable since it helps you process information better, but there is also a number of apps and digital systems designed to help you keep your notes organized

Advice advise advisor 7096 Advice advise advisor 7096

Keep your bag organized

Your bag goes where you go, so keep it organized and carry only what you need. Start with an empty bag and organize the items within based on how often you’ll need them and what subject you’ll need them for.

Things you use on a daily basis stay in your backpack, while things you’ll only need on certain days or for certain subjects, you keep with the textbooks and notes for those particular classes.

Plan your day

Time management in college can be challenging and keeping track of your personal needs is just as important as keeping track of your classes and activities. Are you getting enough sleep? How about exercise?

Take a few moments every day and think about when you’ll need to get up the next day, what you’ll wear and even when you’ll eat.

Stay organized in college Stay organized in college

You can attach or stick it to your school necessities and make them ring when you can’t find them. You’ll save precious minutes every morning and avoid unnecessary frustration!

Stick to the plan

Most of what we’ve mentioned is basic stuff and once you get started, your own college organization system will become pretty easy, so we’ll just mention one more organization tip that is probably the most important one:

Stick to your plan throughout the whole year.

Staying organized throughout the whole year will help you keep your sanity when things get tough and will save you a ton of stress at the end when exams hit.

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