Not Just A Key Finder

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I have had my red Chipolo for a couple of weeks now. I set it up immediately. I knew that it would help me locate my keys but I was pleasantly surprised to learn it would also help me locate my phone, by squeezing the Chipolo.

I was on my way to work yesterday, on the train, and being in the San Francisco Bay area, public transit is always a tight squeeze. As people are packed in, we are all very close. Almost to my stop, I actually felt my phone being pulled out of my jacket pocket. This happens all the time and you have to be aware all the time. I must have gotten lost in my music and let my guard down. Wanting to be safe, instead of turning around, I grabbed the Chipolo on my keys and pressed it, signaling the phone to ring. The thief immediately let go and ran off the train as the doors opened, due to the attention it brought around us.

It is a genius device.

Sarah Z.

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