Find Your Child's Favorite Toy With a Bluetooth Finder

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Children often become attached to one special item, like a plush toy or a blanket, and this special toy goes where they go. So the chances of it getting lost somewhere are pretty high.

That one special toy isn't just a plaything, it helps your child boost their self-confidence and helps them remain calm in situations they're not fully familiar with or comfortable with yet.

Chipolo tracker find stuffed animal toy easy Chipolo tracker find stuffed animal toy easy

It's easy for a child to become distracted, momentarily letting go of their toy or blankie, only to become inconsolable a moment later when they can’t find it anymore.

Losing your child's special toy is a nightmare scenario that no parent wants to face.

Any parent who's ever experienced a meltdown by a small child missing their special toy knows that being prepared for such situations is priceless.

Chipolo finder find lost toy at home Chipolo finder find lost toy at home

Luckily, you can avoid these meltdowns with a simple trick to help you find a lost stuffed animal quickly and easily.

How to find a lost toy

The solution is a colorful Bluetooth toy tracker that you can attach to the toy and connect to your phone.

If you want to find a lost toy in your house, all you need to do is tap the Ring button in the Chipolo app on your phone and the tracker on it will start ringing to let you know where the toy is hiding.

Find lost toy smart tag Find lost toy smart tag

Many people use these trackers to keep track of their keys, car keys, wallets, and cats but you can also use it to find a lost toy and prevent child tantrums and tears.

How Bluetooth trackers work

You can attach a Bluetooth tracker to your child’s favorite toy and connect it with your phone with Bluetooth.

When the lost stuffed animal is within the Bluetooth signal range, you can make the Bluetooth tracker attached to the toy ring with your phone.

The connection will stay active anywhere from 100 to 200 ft, so you should have no problem finding the missing toy inside your home with just a few taps on your screen!

Chipolo Bluetooth tracker find lost stuffed animal Chipolo Bluetooth tracker find lost stuffed animal

If your child forgot or lost their toy somewhere outside, you can still check the last location where it was connected to your phone on a map in the phone app.

Once you're near the location again, the toy tracker on your child's toy will reconnect to your phone and you will be able to make it ring again.

How to choose a Bluetooth tracker

Your child's favorite toy goes on a lot of adventures and the tracker you attach to it should also be able to take substantial wear and tear.

Pick a Bluetooth tracker that offers a high level of quality. Consider its size (it shouldn't be a choking hazard), the material it's made of, how long it will last and if it's water-resistant.

Also, take a closer look at the other features; how loud does it ring, how long will it last, can you replace the batteries and if the phone app is easy to use.

There's a lot of cheap Bluetooth trackers, available, but most of them will not be able to stand up to the rough handling that a small child can impose on them, and could even harm your child if they come apart too easily.

Take a look at the app ratings in the App store and reviews by other users before you decide which one you want to go with.

Features to look for in a Bluetooth tracker

The option to share a Bluetooth tracker between several mobile devices is extremely useful, particularly when it comes to children’s toys.

Chipolo allows you to share your tracker with as many people as you like, without any additional subscription fees. You could share the Chipolo attached to the toy with the grandparents or your babysitter. If your child's toy ever does get lost, they can all join in on the search.

The Chipolo also offers Out of Range Alerts that will send a notification to your phone, if you ever leave and forget to take the toy with you. Your phone will beep with a notification to remind you, so you can go back and get the toy before it's too late.

How to use a Bluetooth tracker on a toy

The best way to use a Bluetooth tracker is to attach it or sew it to the exterior part of the toy since you will need to remove the tracker before washing the toy. Even the water-resistant trackers can’t always withstand a cycle through the washing machine or dryer!

The colorful Chipolo finders will remind you when a toy gets left behind!

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