User story: Lost in New York, found in Los Angeles

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When it comes to lost luggage, it could happen to anyone, and we’re no exception. We got to experience this rule firsthand a few years back on our journey to CES in Las Vegas, when our flights took us through New York, right at the time of a pretty big winter storm.

'We were on our way to CES in Vegas and had a connecting flight through New York right when the winter storms hit. We missed the flight, of course, and our luggage got stuck in limbo, so all 15 of us were sitting at the airport, with no idea where our luggage is, or how we were going to get to Las Vegas.

After a few hours, we managed to track our luggage and book a few rooms for the night. By next morning, all our luggage was found and put on the next plane to Vegas. All except mine, which got lost somewhere on the way. Of course, I had a Chipolo in there, so I marked it as lost and sure enough, my bag was found by the community. Only it wasn’t in New York anymore, somehow it ended up in Los Angeles.

It felt great knowing I can use the Chipolo to track it and that it wasn't totally lost, but I had no idea how it ended up in LA overnight.

After a few more hours at baggage claim, first in New York and then in Vegas, we managed to get it to Vegas. When I went to pick it up, I had the Chipolo app open, and sure enough, it connected before I even got to the baggage claim counter! So I knew that after 3 days it was finally here!'

Andreas, co-founder

Stuck In Ny Grande Stuck In Ny Grande

The Chipolo team, stuck in New York for the day

Lost Bag Finally Found Grande Lost Bag Finally Found Grande

Lost bag finally found!

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