Do You Often Dream About Losing Your Wallet Or Bag?

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Ever had a nightmare where you lost your wallet or bag with everything in it?

In real life, our wallet is the source of our money and represents our financial means. It indirectly enables us to improve our status, achieve success, accumulate wealth and, on some level, confirm our self-worth.


How a wallet looks in your dreams can often symbolize how you see yourself and how much you feel you contribute in real life.


Similarly, a bag can symbolize your identity and your secrets, since it holds all the basic everyday necessities that define you in real life.

The idea of losing your bag or wallet is terrifying in real life and in your dreams, losing it can represent negative experiences you are going through or are anticipating in your waking life.

Chipolo wallet tracker dream about lost wallet sheep Chipolo wallet tracker dream about lost wallet sheep

Feelings that you experience during a dream of a lost or stolen wallet can be as different as the meaning behind the dream itself. You can experience feeling poor, sad, depressed, worried, needy, helpless, and even strange. Our dreams reflect what is going on in our lives and can often mean something completely different from what happened in the dream itself.

Dream about lost wallet Dream about lost wallet

Most of the time, dreaming about losing your wallet has hidden meanings that go deeper than just your financial state.

But before you explore the deeper meaning of your lost wallet dreams, make sure to prevent your lost wallet nightmares from becoming reality. Secure your wallet with a Chipolo wallet tracker and wake up knowing your wallet's safe and sound, even if your subconscious has other plans.

Lost wallet dreams: Common meanings

Here’s what losing your wallet or purse in your dream can symbolize in real life:

Did you lose something valuable today?

Sometimes, your lost wallet dreams are straightforward and represent actual financial worry, or that you will lose or gain money in real life. In such cases, your dreams are just you trying to make sense of your day while you sleep.

Lost wallet dreams 2 Lost wallet dreams 2

If you lost something you found valuable or important to you today, dreaming of a lost wallet or bag could just be you processing the loss you already experienced.

Losing your sense of self

Going through a life-changing event can affect how we perceive ourselves and how much worth we think we have.

Dreaming about losing your bag or wallet can represent the loss of self-identity and control.

Losing your job, having trouble in marriage or divorce, moving to a different country are milestones in our lives that can take away a part of our self-identity.

Lost wallet dreams Chipolo wallet finders Lost wallet dreams Chipolo wallet finders

Any of the changes we mentioned above can have you feeling like you are losing touch with your identity or experiencing anxiety over the changes in your life. You may be processing these feelings through your lost or stolen wallet dreams.

If in your dream you leave your wallet or bag behind on purpose, it might symbolize you coming to terms with letting go of something that had significant meaning to you in the past.

Feeling helpless, threatened or insecure

Stressful situations you can’t improve like a troubled relationship or a nerve-wracking working environment can translate to anxious dreams about losing your bag and wallet.

Having something stolen from you in your dream can represent your weaknesses or failures.

Maybe you met a new person today you automatically distrusted, or you felt could pose a threat?

Dreaming about money is almost always linked to your ability to achieve goals or social power, but if the focus of your dream is your wallet or bag and not its content, you may feel inadequate or insecure in your abilities in your social life or at work.

Dream meaning stolen wallet Dream meaning stolen wallet

A lost bag may also reflect your current mental state; if you are suffering from depression, the dream could represent feelings of helplessness or the inability to function normally.

Personal, material or financial loss

Losing someone you love or something important can make you self-reflect more deeply, subconsciously processing what you feel through your dreams.

If you just lost a large amount of money or fell into debt or bankruptcy, you might dream that someone is stealing your wallet.

Dreaming about a stolen wallet could also be your subconscious warning you of an impending financial pitfall, so take a moment to check if there is anything you should be keeping a closer eye on in your waking life.

Personal financial loss and dreams Personal financial loss and dreams

Stolen money in your dreams signifies loss. But it may not just be financial, it may also represent your business or health.

After such a dream, check your spending habits and be more responsible when it comes to your health.

Lost bags and wallets are also associated with emotional loss. Did you recently lose a close relative, or something connected to your childhood? If your finances and your health are stable, you may be processing the feelings behind an emotional loss instead.

Dream lost wallet found Chipolo Dream lost wallet found Chipolo

If in your dream you were trying to find a lost wallet, think about what you were feeling during your dream too.

Were you anxious or worried or did you feel like you knew where to look? If you felt calm and knew what you had to do, you must already know the solution to your waking problem, you just need to put a little effort into sorting it out.

Loss of credibility or trustworthiness

External stressors are often the cause of our anxious dreams and nightmares, but internal stressors can be just as important when it comes to restless nights.

Maybe you did something bad and now you have a guilty conscience?

Your subconscious may be translating your feelings into a dream about losing your bag (or wallet) as a symbol of your lost trustworthiness.

Woman in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans 3776181 Woman in white long sleeve shirt and blue denim jeans 3776181

Are you afraid that others are seeing you as worthless?

Getting demoted at work can affect how credible you feel, especially if your career is closely linked to your self-identity.

Maybe you fear others don't trust you or don't believe in you anymore?

If you were recently passed over for a promotion or weren’t included in on an important project you could be processing the rejection by dreaming about a lost wallet that represents these opportunities.

Betrayal by someone close

If in your dream you focus on the person trying to steal your wallet instead of the wallet itself, take a closer look at the people around you.

Person holding pink suede long waller 910122 Person holding pink suede long waller 910122

You might suspect that one of them is trying to take advantage of you materially or financially or that they are trying to betray you. Don’t get paranoid, trust your instincts and keep an eye out just in case.

The person taking your wallet may also represent someone breaking their promise or sharing your secrets.

Lost-purse-anxiety-dream-meaning Lost-purse-anxiety-dream-meaning

Your abstract dreams are a subconscious representation of something that you are going through in real life. Take some time to think about what could be bothering you and how you could deal with the stress that’s triggering these dreams.

Your dream about a lost or stolen wallet (or bag) may not be a reflection of your waking life at all. If you can’t find yourself in any of the situations we mentioned above, the dream may just represent your general worries about your finances or your stability in life.

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