10 quick and easy ideas for Mother’s Day

This is for all you busy people that start with best intentions, but then somehow always run out of time… A friendly reminder from Chipolo that Mother’s Day is fast approaching and there are only a few days left for you to decide how to best show your appreciation.

In case you’re running low on ideas, we prepared a short list of budget friendly, last minute gifts that mothers of all ages will appreciate.

1. A lazy Sunday lunch and a leisurely stroll

You can always go with that old and proven classic and treat your mom to a nice meal and a stroll in the park. Take her to her favourite restaurant or treat her to a new experience in a place where they serve her favourite type of cuisine.

2. Cinema

For those moms with a sweet tooth and a lazy Sunday disposition, we recommend a trip to the movies. Treat yourselves to some candy and a light-hearted comedy or adventure flick. An easy afternoon or evening that you can spend together.

3. A card from her family

This one’s for all the young dads – why not include the kids and make a project of it? We guarantee it will melt her heart and she’ll find a special place to treasure your masterpiece for years to come.

4. Get a head massager and use some elbow grease

Who doesn’t love a free massage? Treat your mom to a 10-minute head massage, and if you’re feeling up to it, include a neck rub as well. She’ll be left feeling relaxed and appreciative of the effort you put in.

5. Bring over a nice bottle of wine, gourmet tea or coffee

Spend the afternoon on the couch, catching up while sharing a glass of wine, or a delicious cup of tea or coffee. You might even get lucky and catch a few rays of the first spring sunshine on the patio.

6. Wash the windows

It’s time for spring cleaning again, with the days getting longer and the sun shining brighter every day. Come over and clean the winter off the windows, so your mom doesn’t have to. As an added bonus, wash the curtains too.

7. Breakfast in bed, while the chores are being done

What mom doesn’t deserve a lazy morning in bed, enjoying a rich breakfast, while someone else does the washing and vacuuming.

8. Mani-pedi

With warmer weather approaching fast, it’s time to kick off your winter shoes and start preparing for those wonderful peep toes. With a bit of luck, you should be able to find a place that offers a Mother’s Day discount or online coupons for a pampering but still wallet-friendly experience.

9. A photo session voucher

In the age of smartphones, we all take pictures all the time, but when was the last time you took one worthy of a frame? How about a short professional photo session for you and your mom for her photo album? Try checking for any special discounts they might have going on now!

10. A Chipolo smart accessory

If your mom is the forgetful type, make her life a bit easier and get her a Chipolo. She can attach it to her keys, her wallet or her TV remote and find them in seconds. Think your mom is a fierce woman or one of the strongest persons you know? Why not let it show and get her one of our limited-edition Mother's Day Chipolos.

Check out our online shop offering a range of colours and a handful of designs that every woman can relate to. Don’t get caught unprepared and check out the Chipolo shop for the best gift you can give. We’re sure you’ll find something your mom will appreciate.

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