Why are my keys in the freezer?

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I know it sounds corny, but words can’t describe the pure joy and happiness I felt when we found out we were pregnant. I was on cloud nine and I couldn’t stop grinning. We’re having a baby! I’m going to be a father! Oh my god, I’m going to be a father!

Then, the strangest thing happened.

One day everything was normal, we were a happy expecting couple, and the next, she couldn't remember the most basic stuff. It was like she just moved into the apartment we had for ages. Apparently, she got a serious case of pregnancy brain - It’s one of those things everybody tells you about, but you still don’t think it’s something you should be worrying about. I swear sometimes, I wondered if she'll remember what room the bed was in…

Why Are My Keys In The Freezer 2 Why Are My Keys In The Freezer 2

Inevitably, the day came when I couldn’t find our car keys and she couldn’t remember where she put them last.

I was already late for work and I was going through our apartment for the 5th time, checking every nook and cranny. Despite my best efforts, I was becoming annoyed, which in turn stressed her out and made her cry.

Eventually, I gave up, called a cab and came to work late enough to miss a couple of meetings. She called me a few hours later to tell me she found the car keys. In the freezer. Apparently, she put them there when she went to get some ice cream the night before.

I won’t bore you with the details, but similar scenarios played out a few more times in the coming weeks and despite my best efforts, we were both getting stressed out.

Something had to be done.

One night after dinner, when we were all looking for her wallet, a friend recommended we check out Bluetooth trackers. I went online and found the Chipolo. Right off the bat, I knew this was my best bet and because of the nice colors I know she would like it too. I decided to go with a 4 pack and just put one on all the keys and in her wallet too.

After that, I still found the car keys in the freezer, but at least I didn't spend 30 minutes looking for them (also FYI, Chipolo can take some seriously low temperatures).

Make it all ring!

Now, I don’t even check the usual places for the keys anymore, I go straight to my phone and make the Chipolo attached to them ring instead. It’s now our little running joke, trying to figure out how we could attach it to less obvious things too (like her magazines, clothes and makeup).

The share your Chipolo feature is the best idea ever if the Chipolo’s not in range on one phone, we just use the other phone and ring the Chipolo from there! Also, there’s this thing where you can log in online and make the phone ring or have it display a message on the lock screen. You’re supposed to use it if you lose your phone, but for now, I’m using it when I’m at work to have her phone display little messages when I’m thinking of her.

Why Are My Keys In The Freezer Why Are My Keys In The Freezer

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